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  1. Email me the all the PDF's and I can combine them into 1 PDF file for you. cope2509@aol.com
  2. Match canceled, check out the OCT 28: WALKING DEAD MULTI GUN TRIPLE C TACTICAL, CRESSON, TX
  3. Sorry, what is "SC" - new SC classification ?
  4. Rifle faster than Pistol or about the same for you?
  5. Benelli M2 chokes work with Beretta 1301 ? thanks
  6. Thank You Generation III Gun for the scholarship support, Mr. Jesse Tischauser, Mr. Chad Francis and Mr. Jeff Welsh thank you for starting this great organization for the next Generation of shooters. Looking forward to the Gen III match in September. Jack
  7. Thanks +1 - openclassterror, I forgot my tape measure
  8. Thanks, do you think replacing the Carrier Spring is going to fix it up?
  9. M2 ~2,500 rounds on original springs Problem; Lifter intermittently sticking up on the last shot Solution (Hopefully); New Cartridge Drop Lever Spring and Carrier Spring in hand. The Carrier Spring replacement looks straightforward. Question; What is the Cartridge Drop Lever Spring replacement process?
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