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  1. www.apextactical.com will be on your favorites list, as it should be.
  2. My rear sight was so tight that I couldn't budge it with a sight pusher. I had to apply Kroil oil to it a couple of times and let it sit overnight. I then rapped it with a flat aluminum punch that I made from bar stock. Every gun is different it seems.
  3. My 5" Pro shot way low and left out of the box. And not just for me but for two good shooters. After corresponding with S&W customer service a few times, I was sent a return authorization. The front sight was exchanged for a shorter one that brought the POI up to the correct elevation. The front sight was also installed properly which brought the POI back to the center.
  4. I have a 75 Shadow and an M&P 5 inch in 9mm. The M&P is faster by about 20 fps. The IDPA rules allow you to test your ammo against the longest barreled legal pistol in your division. Most likely the testers are using a 5 inch barrel or longer in the case of the Glock 34. If you know your ammo passes PF with your M&P, take it to the match. If your ammo fails, you have the right to another test in the legal gun of your choice. Your Shadow does not have to make PF, as long as, another legal gun will. That is in IDPA. I do not know how USPSA treats this situation. Also, remember to raise the muzzle of your gun before each shot. I space that out periodically.
  5. You can make a fiber optic insert wider. You will need fiber optic rod that you can get from CZ Custom. Remove your current rod and replace with the correct size. Then heat up the end of the rod as show on CZC website. I just did it and the first try I had the fiber optic end nearly as wide as the rear sight notch. Second try was just right. Rod costs $3 for 6 inches plus shipping. Six inches will do a lot of sights.
  6. fastlane604

    Longest OAL

    On my 75 Shadow I run 1.165 without any problems. I did the push test and got 1.195. Now that is with a Berry's Round Nose. I can only load flat points to 1.06. Do the push test and see what you get and then back off .015.
  7. I bought one last month at the regular price. I can attest that it is an excellent product.
  8. I tried searching this on this forum and on google and came up empty. I am curious to know how a 75 Shadow short dustcover compares to a 9mm 1911 in felt recoil. Since they weigh about the same and both have short dust covers I would think they would be very similar. However, I would like opinions from those of you who have shot both. Thank you for your thoughtful responses.
  9. You might get an extended firing pin with your 75 Shadow. When I ordered my parts, I tried to order an extended firing pin from David at CGW (Schmeky on this board) and he told me I might have one. He said some Shadows do and some don't. Mine did. It is 2.5 inches long and lights up Winchester primers with an 11.5 # spring.
  10. Here is my experience. I bought a 75 Shadow. Paid $800 at Oak Hill Guns. S/A trigger was 3 lb and D/A was 7.75. I ordered 13# and 11.5# hammer springs, matched firing pin spring, reduced power trigger return spring and a Type 1 disco from CGW. By the way, Dave is great to work with. Tried the 13# hammer spring and it reduced the D/A pull to around 7 lb. I then tried the 11.5# spring and I'm down to 6.25 lb D/A and 2.75 lb S/A. No ftfs. I have not installed the trigger return spring or the disco, yet. I have done no polishing. My trigger has a lot of pre-travel which I'm hoping the disco will correct. I do have a little creep with the stock shadow hammer. It does not bother me but it may bother a purist (trigger snob). I imagine the custom hammer cleans that creep up. I will be getting the thin aluminum grips. My spring and disco order ran $90 shipped. Grips will run about $91 shipped. I probably will make a recoil spring order, to try some different weights which will run around $23-$24 shipped. That totals out to $1005. For me, I think I'm good. I may eventually do some polishing and I can always change the hammer if I feel the need for another $125, or so. I think the primary differences after the changes that I will make, are the CZ Custom hammer, different sights and polishing of the internals. I like my sights. However, I have not tried the CZ Custom sights. If I have missed anything, I'm sure someone else will chime in.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I have been shooting an M&P in SSP. I recently bought a 75 Shadow and have been practicing drawing both hammer down and cocked and locked.
  12. Do you move up a division to draw cocked and locked or do you draw DA?
  13. Competition shooters, do you draw your DA/SA pistol with hammer down or cocked and locked? Drawing cocked and locked moves you from SSP to ESP in IDPA. I'm not familiar with USPSA rules.
  14. Mike, If you are the guy that got the SP01 for $540, I think you came out all right.
  15. I just received a stock 75 Shadow. It has a 3 lb SA trigger pull and a 7.75 DA pull. The only thing it really needs is the short reset disco. It cost $800. I think it is the best deal going.
  16. It is excellent, in my experience. I ordered an Apex Tactical hard sear for my 5" 9mm Pro. Install was easy after watching the video. Over travel was reduced however my trigger pull did not meet my expectation. I kept the factory springs and the pull was virtually unchanged from the factory weight of 5.5 lbs. I called Apex and talked to Krystal Winter. She requested pictures for the Apex gunsmith to review. After picture receipt, I received a custom sear in 4 days that reduced my pull to just over 4 lbs which is exactly what I expected. I have no concerns about buying from Apex again. In fact, I have an Apex Ultimate Striker Block waiting on me to get up the nerve to drive out my rear sight.
  17. Thank you all for the replys. Rather than list quotes, I will just try to answer. There are numerous threads on this forum, the S&W forum and the MP forum about M&P 9mm accuracy or lack thereof. I read most of them before I bought this gun. However, they primarily deal with poor accuracy in guns built in 2012 and earlier (with slower twist rate barrels than those built in 2013). The faster twist rate barrels were supposed to cure this problem. Also, the early lock up (as I recall) issue was supposed to be cured, as well. As I posted, this gun was factory test fired 9/9/13. I shot 115 grain Hornady Action Pistol (HAP) bullets, 124 grain Hornady FMJ and 147 grain Berry's. The 115 grain HAP shot the 5 3/8 inch group. I had a friend of mine, the owner of the Glock 34, shoot the M&P and he fared no better than I. He also shot his Dan Wesson 9mm 1911 and shot a 1 1/2 inch group. I say that not to argue that the M&P should shoot as tight as the 1911, but to show that we have some experience at this. It would seem that on this gun at least, as Ken says, "S&W screwed the pooch."
  18. I've had an M&P Pro9 5" barrel for a couple weeks. It was factory test fired 9/9/13. I would like to see the target. I imagine it was blank. The sight is badly misaligned to the right. It was not completely pressed to the center. A laserlyte bore sighter verifies misalignment. The trigger is 6 lbs, quite gritty with a lot of creep. Both disappointing, particulary for a premium pistol, but fixable. My question of this board concerns accuracy. From a sandbag rest at 25 yards my best 5 shot group was 5 3/8 inches. The rest of the groups were 7+ inches. I shot my friends Glock 34. First and only goup was 3 3/4 inches. I am ready to call S&W. However before I do, here's the question. If any of you have had a similar situation and you installed an Apex trigger or sent it to Dan Burwell, did it help group size from a rest? I am doubtful it will change much with mine. If the groups were shot off hand, I'm sure a good trigger would make more of a difference. Had I shot these groups off hand from 25 yards I would not have been on the paper.
  19. Had mine a couple of weeks. It was factory test fired 9/9/13. I am very disappointed in it. Front sight was badly misaligned from the factory. Trigger is 6 lbs, gritty and with a lot of creep. Those two things can be remedied. My best 5 shot 25 yard group from a sandbag rest was 5 3/8 inches. Most were two inches worse than that. I first wondered if it was me. I then shot my friend's Glock 34 from the same rest and it shot 3 3/4 inch groups.
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