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  1. I just received a stock 75 Shadow. It has a 3 lb SA trigger pull and a 7.75 DA pull. The only thing it really needs is the short reset disco. It cost $800. I think it is the best deal going.
  2. It is excellent, in my experience. I ordered an Apex Tactical hard sear for my 5" 9mm Pro. Install was easy after watching the video. Over travel was reduced however my trigger pull did not meet my expectation. I kept the factory springs and the pull was virtually unchanged from the factory weight of 5.5 lbs. I called Apex and talked to Krystal Winter. She requested pictures for the Apex gunsmith to review. After picture receipt, I received a custom sear in 4 days that reduced my pull to just over 4 lbs which is exactly what I expected. I have no concerns about buying from Apex again. In fact, I have an Apex Ultimate Striker Block waiting on me to get up the nerve to drive out my rear sight.
  3. Thank you all for the replys. Rather than list quotes, I will just try to answer. There are numerous threads on this forum, the S&W forum and the MP forum about M&P 9mm accuracy or lack thereof. I read most of them before I bought this gun. However, they primarily deal with poor accuracy in guns built in 2012 and earlier (with slower twist rate barrels than those built in 2013). The faster twist rate barrels were supposed to cure this problem. Also, the early lock up (as I recall) issue was supposed to be cured, as well. As I posted, this gun was factory test fired 9/9/13. I shot 115 grain Hornady Action Pistol (HAP) bullets, 124 grain Hornady FMJ and 147 grain Berry's. The 115 grain HAP shot the 5 3/8 inch group. I had a friend of mine, the owner of the Glock 34, shoot the M&P and he fared no better than I. He also shot his Dan Wesson 9mm 1911 and shot a 1 1/2 inch group. I say that not to argue that the M&P should shoot as tight as the 1911, but to show that we have some experience at this. It would seem that on this gun at least, as Ken says, "S&W screwed the pooch."
  4. I've had an M&P Pro9 5" barrel for a couple weeks. It was factory test fired 9/9/13. I would like to see the target. I imagine it was blank. The sight is badly misaligned to the right. It was not completely pressed to the center. A laserlyte bore sighter verifies misalignment. The trigger is 6 lbs, quite gritty with a lot of creep. Both disappointing, particulary for a premium pistol, but fixable. My question of this board concerns accuracy. From a sandbag rest at 25 yards my best 5 shot group was 5 3/8 inches. The rest of the groups were 7+ inches. I shot my friends Glock 34. First and only goup was 3 3/4 inches. I am ready to call S&W. However before I do, here's the question. If any of you have had a similar situation and you installed an Apex trigger or sent it to Dan Burwell, did it help group size from a rest? I am doubtful it will change much with mine. If the groups were shot off hand, I'm sure a good trigger would make more of a difference. Had I shot these groups off hand from 25 yards I would not have been on the paper.
  5. Had mine a couple of weeks. It was factory test fired 9/9/13. I am very disappointed in it. Front sight was badly misaligned from the factory. Trigger is 6 lbs, gritty and with a lot of creep. Those two things can be remedied. My best 5 shot 25 yard group from a sandbag rest was 5 3/8 inches. Most were two inches worse than that. I first wondered if it was me. I then shot my friend's Glock 34 from the same rest and it shot 3 3/4 inch groups.
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