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    Ultimate ESP

    I have a cajunized SP-01, a 75 SA Shadow with magwell and a Springfield R.O. with magwell. I have only shot the R.O. in one competition. I had some trouble with it returning to battery. It may have been due to my reloaded ammo or it may not have. I haven't shot it much since then. Reloads are slower for me with the 1911. I have to hit the slide stop with my support hand thumb to drop the slide. Plus, hitting the single stack hole, even with the magwell is slower than the CZ. Also, both CZs auto forward upon receiving a stout mag insertion. I'm sure my 1911 reloads would improve with more practice. Shooting the same ammo (147 gr with 130 PF) the R.O. slide cycling seems a little sluggish. I'm sure a load tailored for the 1911 will produce better results and may fix my returning to battery issue. However, since it seems I cannot screw up a CZ, I will most likely keep shooting them.
  2. IDPA rules prohibit removing the FPB, even in ESP and CCP. Odd I know, since Shadows and 85 Cs without FPBs are legal but it is the rule, nonetheless.
  3. fastlane604

    Ultimate ESP

    Gcarr,, Do you shoot better scores with your Shadow SA or your CTS LS?
  4. fastlane604

    Ultimate ESP

    In the picture of the CTS in the box, look at the back of the magwell. It has been relieved back to the grip. Now, that still does not change the length of the gun which is the measurement without the magwell. As I recall, there is a provision that allows for the box to be slightly oversized and still be legal. I don't remember how much "slop" is allowed. This box may be one with a little slop.
  5. fastlane604

    Ultimate ESP

    Here again, I'm only going on what has been previously stated in other posts. I have not even seen a CTS long slide in the flesh but it has been said on here that it fits the IDPA box.
  6. fastlane604

    Ultimate ESP

    I have an SA Shadow with flat trigger and magwell and I think it is great. But, wouldn't the CTS long slide be the ultimate CZ ESP gun? I have asked on this forum and been told that it makes weight.
  7. Yep. Sear cage and right side safety. Humirax will know the rest.
  8. The one important item left from the list is either the race hammer and adjustable sear or the CZ Custom comp hammer and adjustable sear. Cost of those is $115 plus shipping, IIRC. If the seller has the CGW Pro Package then it is on the gun. If the seller bought parts and installed them, it probably is not. An SP-01 from CGW with the Pro Package and without the adjustable sights and fiber optic front sight costs $995.00.
  9. Look at the hole in the right side safety. Is the end of the shaft that is in the hole shaped like a D? If so, it is the D style. If not, it is the tumbler style. The CZ Custom large extended safety works on the D style shaft.
  10. MrTuna, Do you have the "D" style or tumbler style safety?
  11. Thanks. I've been practicing with the safety. I think I will leave it alone for the time being.
  12. himurax, Thanks. Does the tumbler style uninstall and install like the D style?
  13. Does anyone make a CZ Custom type extended ambidextrous safety (the one with the big paddle) for the CZ 75 Shadow SA tumbler type safety? I installed the big CZ Custom safety on my SP-01 and really like it. The extended safety on my 75 Shadow is serviceable, but I do not disengage it on the draw nearly as well as the big CZ Custom safety. The CZ Custom safety is the "D" style. I know that I can swap out the tumbler style sear cage on my 75 Shadow for the "D" style to accommodate the CZ Custom safety but I'd rather not spend the money if there is another way. And while we are on the subject of sear cages, why does CZ make two different types? Thanks, Lane
  14. Mahamoti, Thank you.
  15. Selecw, No, the entire pistol. I see you are from Cody. I have an old buddy that lives there. I will send you a PM.
  16. fastlane604

    CTS LS question

    Does anyone know the weight of a CTS long slide? I have looked at CZ Custom, CZ-USA and posted on the CZ Forum, all to no avail.
  17. Forgive my ignorance, but my CZ knowledge is limited to the steel and alloy framed guns. Is there a suitable safety available for the P-09? One with a wide enough and long enough tab that most thumbs can hit it without adjusting one's grip? I love shooting SAO, but if I can't hit the safety easily, I don't gain anything on the first shot.
  18. RippinSVT, care to share your loads?
  19. Thank you, gentlemen. I appreciate your input.
  20. Has anyone tried the EGW premium magwell/mainspring housing? It is the one with the clip that attaches the magwell to the mainspring housing rather than bolting it on. It appears to be a stronger and more secure method than the bolt. Just wondering how it works in practice.
  21. fastlane604

    CZ P-07 vs P-01

    I know this topic has been discussed before but the previous discussions I've seen center around polymer vs steel and personal feel in the hand. I am interested in accuracy and recoil. For you who own both, how do they compare?
  22. fastlane604

    11.5 Main Spring

    11.5 # hammer spring, cgw extended firing pin and lightened firing pin spring on both 75 Shadow and SP-01. No light strikes with Winchester primers.
  23. fastlane604

    CGW Joe Tool

    Maybe I'm a clutz but I have the tool and I like it.
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