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  1. I should have been more specific. When I spoke of slide and frame, I probably should have said top end and bottom end. I was including the barrel, slide and recoil spring when I referred to the slide.
  2. I so surmised. One would hope that CZ takes a cue, sooner rather than later, from some of the safety mods that have been done by their customers and make the stock safety a little wider and long enough that we all could activate it from single action.
  3. Wow, Stuart. Those pics could be framed and hung on the wall. Is that a stock safety on the Shadow?
  4. I have an SP-01 without a magwell and a 75 Shadow with the magwell. I really don't notice much difference. My hands are medium sized and I get a full grip on the magwell gun without overlapping the magwell. You will need compact grip panels or cut down your full size grip panels to accommodate the magwell.
  5. I have one on a 75 Shadow. It works great. I did grind down the pin on the mainspring plug to where it is more of a nub than a pin. It still holds the magwell tightly in place, but it is much easier to get on and off.
  6. Thanks, K.A., I always appreciate your thoughts.
  7. If one was to divide a CZ 75 into the slide and the frame and sell them separately, how would the prices compare? 50% slide 50% frame? 60/40 with slide at 60? Frame at 60? 55/45 what do you think? 5 frame
  8. Dennis, thanks for the tip. k.atlas, thanks for the link.
  9. Thanks, Dave. Looks good. Nice pair of SAs.
  10. Stuart, I sent you a PM. Thanks. Lane
  11. selecw, Tok and Stuart, Thanks again. You have all been most helpful.
  12. Did you bevel the existing magwell or did you add an after market magwell. If it is aftermarket, what did you use. I haven't seen any that observe the 1.375 inch width. kneelingatlas, Dave and Stuart, Thanks for the heads up on machining the shadow release.
  13. I have a CZ 75 Compact with the perfectly round mag release button. I am thinking of shooting it in IDPA CCP. The only extended mag release that I can find has the elongated button. I am guessing that I am out of luck, but does anyone know of availability of an extended mag release with the round button?
  14. Oddly enough, I was just dry firing my SP-01 with the EZ D sights from CGW and my 75 SA Shadow with the Shadow sights. I have wrestled with the same question. I was confirming one more time that my target acquisition is quicker with the EZ D that has the bigger light bars. I think I am going to order a .95 wide front sight for the SA Shadow. My eyes are Medicare qualified. However, in slow fire for absolute accuracy I think the wider front sight has the advantage.
  15. For those of you who have trouble activating the safety on drawing your CZ 75 SA here is a solution. My buddy, a retired welder and metallurgist, modified my safety to approximate the size of the CZ Custom extended safety. The CZC safety is an excellent safety but it will not work on the SA without changing the sear, sear cage and right side safety because it is only offered with the D style components. The SA employs the tumbler style safety. I have used this modded safety for a couple weeks and it works great. I have activated it on the draw 100% of the time and it gives me an excellent thumb rest. My buddy says he can modify others. PM me if you are interested.
  16. It happened to me on the last reload of the last stage of the day. Took care of a pretty good finish. No problems since installing the CZ Custom mag brake.
  17. I have a 75 Shadow SA with a flat trigger and a CZ comp hammer. It compares very favorably to the trigger on a Springfield Armory Range Officer (1911) I own. I feel that for me, the extended safety could use a little more extending. Look at the picture kneelingatlas posted. If the shelf of the safety extended toward the beaver tail for the full length of the safety, it would be better for me. I can disengage the safety on a draw fairly consistently, however once in a while, my thumb slips off. If you have long thumbs, it probably won't be an issue. All in all, an excellent pistol.
  18. Valerko, That opens up the question, how are CZ barrel lengths determined for competition? Is it actual length of the barrel or published length. CZ measures their barrels to the end of the barrel ramp and publishes the length as such. 1911 barrels are measured from the muzzle to the end of the chamber. Obviously, apples to oranges. I've wondered this same thing.
  19. How about this argument for legality. The Shadow 2 appears to have this safety in some of its pictures. If it is a legal part on a Shadow 2 and a Shadow 2 is a legal production or SSP gun, would it not be legal on another production or SSP gun of the same manufacture?
  20. fastlane604

    Ultimate ESP

    Thanks, Stuart.
  21. fastlane604

    Ultimate ESP

    Stuart, Do you know when the aluminum base pads will be back in stock?
  22. fastlane604

    Ultimate ESP

    I use the CZC aluminum base pads. I haven't tried trimming a CZ plastic base pad, yet.
  23. fastlane604

    Ultimate ESP

    I have a cajunized SP-01, a 75 SA Shadow with magwell and a Springfield R.O. with magwell. I have only shot the R.O. in one competition. I had some trouble with it returning to battery. It may have been due to my reloaded ammo or it may not have. I haven't shot it much since then. Reloads are slower for me with the 1911. I have to hit the slide stop with my support hand thumb to drop the slide. Plus, hitting the single stack hole, even with the magwell is slower than the CZ. Also, both CZs auto forward upon receiving a stout mag insertion. I'm sure my 1911 reloads would improve with more practice. Shooting the same ammo (147 gr with 130 PF) the R.O. slide cycling seems a little sluggish. I'm sure a load tailored for the 1911 will produce better results and may fix my returning to battery issue. However, since it seems I cannot screw up a CZ, I will most likely keep shooting them.
  24. IDPA rules prohibit removing the FPB, even in ESP and CCP. Odd I know, since Shadows and 85 Cs without FPBs are legal but it is the rule, nonetheless.
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