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  1. My CZC aluminum magwell weighs 1.5 oz on my cheap little postage scale. I don't have a scale large enough to weigh the gun and magwell together but with a 40 oz gun and a 1.5 oz magwell plus the little bit that the aluminum base pad's weigh, it should come in below 43.
  2. The SP-01 barrel is the same diameter throughout and there is an internal bushing in the slide.
  3. Yep, weight is 43 oz..and it has to fit in the box like any other ESP gun.
  4. Thanks to a post by Kells81, I read the IDPA ESP equipment rules for 2017. There is no longer a dust cover restriction that I can see. Because of that the SP-01 should be legal for ESP without adhering to the previous rule of, "if it is legal for SSP it is legal for ESP, as long as there are no modifications illegal in SSP" (paraphrased). By being legal without adhering to SSP rules means that the SP-01 will be legal with a magwell, an aftermarket safety and trigger and anything else that is permitted in ESP. Am I on track here? Have I missed something? Let me know quickly because I am getting ready to go have a beer to celebrate.
  5. 147 Bayous over 3.3 of N320 or 3.4 of W 231 @ 1.135 with Winchester primers.
  6. I can now answer my own question. I swapped out my mag release tonight. The trigger and trigger bar must come out to make the swap on a single action only trigger. However, the sear cage does not need to come out to remove the trigger and trigger bar. Drive out the trigger pin and insert a slave pin. Lift out the trigger and trigger bar (the rear of the trigger bar slides neatly from beneath the sear cage) with spring intact. Swap out the mag release. Reinstall the trigger and trigger bar using a CGW floating trigger pin.
  7. Sorry if this has been posted and discussed, but I just discovered rowdyb's youtube video on shooting the new IDPA classifier. Since we have snow and ice and I won't be shooting it for some time, it was great to get a look at what a Master run looks like. Thanks, Rowdy. By the way, what gun were you shooting?
  8. It would be a guess, whether yes or no. But, I can't adjust it and move it forward without taking it out, which really does seem counter productive. However, the OEM SA trigger does not have the pre travel screw and its position still has the front of the trigger bar covering about half of the staked screw.
  9. I have two 75 SAs. My 75b SA has the factory single action trigger which only has an over travel screw. I have a 75 Shadow SA with the CZC flat faced single action trigger. It has an over travel and a pre travel screw. However, the pre travel screw is located at the top of the trigger and hidden within the trigger opening in the frame. The over travel screw on the CZC trigger is unaccessible without removing the trigger. It still appears that the trigger and trigger bar must come out.
  10. Thanks Thanks, I will try that.
  11. When I switched to an extended mag release on my SP-01 DA/SA I backed out the staked screw that retains the mag release spring and trigger bar spring. I removed the springs and switched out the mag releases. Since I performed this operation with the hammer down, the trigger and trigger bar were far enough forward that I could back out the screw without removing the trigger or trigger bar. With my 75 SA the trigger, being single action only, is located farther to the rear and the front of the trigger bar obstructs my access to the screw. Unless I am missing something, to remove the screw to make the same mag release switch on my SA, I must remove the trigger and trigger bar, correct?
  12. Since the SP-01 has a full length steel dustcover, it is only legal in ESP when it is kept in SSP legal condition. That means the safety must be OEM equipment on the SP-01 or another CZ that is also SSP legal, like an SP-01 or 75 Shadow. The Shadow safety has the longest shelf that is legal in SSP. I understand your pain. The CZC extended safety works great for those of us who could use longer thumbs, however it is not legal in SSP. It is legal in ESP, if it is installed on a CZ 75b or 75 Shadow (they have the short dustcover and can be modified with aftermarket parts). http://czcustom.com/cz-75-safety-shadow-lhs-d-style.html legal for an SP-01 to use in ESP.
  13. I should have been more specific. When I spoke of slide and frame, I probably should have said top end and bottom end. I was including the barrel, slide and recoil spring when I referred to the slide.
  14. I so surmised. One would hope that CZ takes a cue, sooner rather than later, from some of the safety mods that have been done by their customers and make the stock safety a little wider and long enough that we all could activate it from single action.
  15. Wow, Stuart. Those pics could be framed and hung on the wall. Is that a stock safety on the Shadow?
  16. I have an SP-01 without a magwell and a 75 Shadow with the magwell. I really don't notice much difference. My hands are medium sized and I get a full grip on the magwell gun without overlapping the magwell. You will need compact grip panels or cut down your full size grip panels to accommodate the magwell.
  17. I have one on a 75 Shadow. It works great. I did grind down the pin on the mainspring plug to where it is more of a nub than a pin. It still holds the magwell tightly in place, but it is much easier to get on and off.
  18. Thanks, K.A., I always appreciate your thoughts.
  19. If one was to divide a CZ 75 into the slide and the frame and sell them separately, how would the prices compare? 50% slide 50% frame? 60/40 with slide at 60? Frame at 60? 55/45 what do you think? 5 frame
  20. Dennis, thanks for the tip. k.atlas, thanks for the link.
  21. Thanks, Dave. Looks good. Nice pair of SAs.
  22. Stuart, I sent you a PM. Thanks. Lane
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