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  1. After doing a search, I have read suggestions that a Tanfoglio sear spring may increase the SA pull on a CZ 75. However, I didn't find whether anyone did it and what kind of results they got if they did. I need to increase my SA weight. Has anyone tried a Tanfoglio sear spring and if so, what change did it make in your SA pull. Thanks.
  2. fastlane604

    My P10C mods

    Rowdy, Out of curiosity, why did you pick the P-10 C to shoot in CCP over the 75 Compact? What do you consider the P-10 C's advantages? I have a 75 Compact and have been considering modding it to shoot CCP. However, it will be simpler and take less money to do the mods to the P-10 C you have listed. Probably, with the cost of additional mags and another holster, it may be a wash on cost, but still a simpler process. Thanks, I always appreciate your thoughts.
  3. fastlane604

    My P10C mods

    Thanks, Rowdy. Good information.
  4. Order the thicker mag brake from CZ Custom or Cajun Gun Works. It will fit your SP-01. If not, one day during a fast mag change (most likely during a competition), you will fold up the spindly OEM mag brake, jamb your gun and screw up a really good stage. Ask me how I know.
  5. Ken, I suppose that is another choice. At this point I will probably go with the standard barrel and the CGW bushing.
  6. JGus, How are the groups of your Accu compared to your Shadow 2 with CGW bushing?
  7. Rowdy, Do you notice any difference in velocity? Does the gun shoot any flatter than the standard barrel?
  8. I recently posted a question about whether the Australian Shadow extended barrel would fit in the CGW 10x bushing. The consensus is that it will not. I need a new barrel for my 75 Shadow SA. My current barrel is no longer serviceable. Please don't ask why. I know the advantages of the 10x bushing. I installed one on an SP-01. I doubt there is any increased accuracy with the Auz barrel, since the fit has to be loose enough to slide the extended barrel through the internal bushing. I have read a post that states there is some increase in velocity due to the .225" increase in lengt
  9. Has anyone tried using the Australian Shadow extended (4.925") barrel with the CGW 10x bushing? Will it fit? I need a new barrel (another story) and I am considering the Australian barrel for a little more velocity. I shoot ESP (CZ 75 Shadow SA) in IDPA.
  10. Nice work. I too like to ride the safety. I have added to my 75 Shadow SA safety to get the same effect and was wondering what to do if I bought a P-09. Thanks for the example. It may not be legal for Production or SSP but it is legal for ESP (as long as it fits in the box).
  11. It made a difference on my SP-01. Once I had my tools assembled, it probably took 30 minutes to do it.
  12. Has anyone seen the P-09 suppressor ready (5.15" barrel) fit in the IDPA box? CZUSA says length is 8.8". Box is 8.75" with tolerance (sometimes). Thinking of picking one up, but not if it won't fit the box.
  13. It looks to me like you are legal for ESP. Rule disqualifies you from SSP because of the slide machining, however rule allows slide machining for sights as legal in ESP. Since there is no longer a prohibition for the full length dust cover, it looks to me like you are legal for ESP. If you choose, you can add a magwell and be legal for ESP.
  14. fastlane604

    CZ Compact magwell

    Thank you for the pics.
  15. fastlane604

    CZ Compact magwell

    So, you eventually got it to fit the CCP box, correct? Can you post a picture?
  16. So, there was no downside to leaving it in, correct?
  17. Did leaving the disco in create any other issues, good or bad?
  18. What happens if the disco is not removed?
  19. It is a CZ factory gun. It came from CZ Custom with their sticker on the box (91711), although I bought it second hand. It has the Shadow slide, sear and hammer. The factory trigger is the same as the 75B SA with a slight curve at the bottom and narrower than the CZC flat faced trigger. The previous owner installed the flat faced trigger. If I buy a second flat faced trigger (the reason for my original question), I will install it on my Cajunized SP-01 and remove the disconnector making it SAO. I already shoot the SP-01 as single action from the first shot, now. I just use the 85C trigge
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