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    My P10C mods

    Rowdy, What height Dawson front sight did you use with the Shadow rear? Happy with POA/POI?
  2. Thank you for the clarification.
  3. The Spring Edition of IDPA's Tactical Journal extolls the virtues of the Sig P320 X5 and promotes it as the "new contender for king of Enhanced Service Pistol." The story includes a picture of the X5's 5 inch "bull barrel." The Sig website promotes the "bull barrel" as being heavy and reducing felt recoil. IDPA rule 8.1.8 C disallows heavy and/or conical barrels unless otherwise allowed in certain divisions. ESP allows them only if they are no longer than 4.25 inches. How, under current rules, is an X5 with a heavy 5 inch bull barrel legal? What am I missing?
  4. I finally got around to changing out my oem sear spring for a Tanfoglio sear spring. My results were right at a 4 oz increase. The Tanfoglio sear spring is 4 coils vs 3 coils for the CZ and it is stiff. I could not push it into place with the sear nested in the sear cage. I had to make a slave pin, mount the spring in the sear outside the sear change and then bend the leading edge of the spring vertical enough to slip the sear cage over the top of the sear. But it is installed and I like the way it feels. Only dry fired, so far, but will be going to the range soon. Noticeably stiffer when cocking the hammer.
  5. I ordered in Tanfoglio sear and trigger return springs from Ben Stoeger. I replaced my CZC extra power trigger return spring with the Tanfoglio trigger return spring and could tell little, if any, difference. Obviously, had I replaced a CGW light trigger return spring with the Tanfoglio spring my trigger pull weight would have gone up. If you have a CZC extra power TRS, there is no need to change if you are looking to increase your pull. I could bend the spring arms and probably increase the weight a little more. Once I change the sear spring, I will determine if the TRS needs bending. I will report back with sear spring results. It may be a few days.
  6. I have a flat faced trigger. If I am pulling at the bottom of the trigger, it measures 2.75 lbs. I always try to be in the middle and at that point it is 3 lbs. I know many like it at that or less. However, I prefer 3.5 lbs. When shooting fast double taps I can be heavy fingered and get the second shot off before I should.
  7. The picture above must be from a Tanfoglio, correct? The hammer strut is much shorter than on a CZ 75, and consequently the hammer spring, too. I can go to a heavier CZ hammer spring. However, in the past it has made very little difference. I have an extended firing pin and have to be careful of not going so heavy that I pierce a primer.
  8. Sorry, I am metrically challenged. I just did the gram to ounce conversion and 50 grams equals 1.76 ounces. I was hoping for more. The link is for a trigger return spring. The Tanfoglio looks like it may be stronger in the picture. Did you try changing to a Tanfoglio trigger return spring?
  9. My experience with hammer springs and SA is that they don't make a lot of difference. I am at 15 pounds right now.
  10. After doing a search, I have read suggestions that a Tanfoglio sear spring may increase the SA pull on a CZ 75. However, I didn't find whether anyone did it and what kind of results they got if they did. I need to increase my SA weight. Has anyone tried a Tanfoglio sear spring and if so, what change did it make in your SA pull. Thanks.
  11. fastlane604

    My P10C mods

    Rowdy, Out of curiosity, why did you pick the P-10 C to shoot in CCP over the 75 Compact? What do you consider the P-10 C's advantages? I have a 75 Compact and have been considering modding it to shoot CCP. However, it will be simpler and take less money to do the mods to the P-10 C you have listed. Probably, with the cost of additional mags and another holster, it may be a wash on cost, but still a simpler process. Thanks, I always appreciate your thoughts.
  12. fastlane604

    My P10C mods

    Thanks, Rowdy. Good information.
  13. Order the thicker mag brake from CZ Custom or Cajun Gun Works. It will fit your SP-01. If not, one day during a fast mag change (most likely during a competition), you will fold up the spindly OEM mag brake, jamb your gun and screw up a really good stage. Ask me how I know.
  14. Ken, I suppose that is another choice. At this point I will probably go with the standard barrel and the CGW bushing.
  15. JGus, How are the groups of your Accu compared to your Shadow 2 with CGW bushing?
  16. Rowdy, Do you notice any difference in velocity? Does the gun shoot any flatter than the standard barrel?
  17. I recently posted a question about whether the Australian Shadow extended barrel would fit in the CGW 10x bushing. The consensus is that it will not. I need a new barrel for my 75 Shadow SA. My current barrel is no longer serviceable. Please don't ask why. I know the advantages of the 10x bushing. I installed one on an SP-01. I doubt there is any increased accuracy with the Auz barrel, since the fit has to be loose enough to slide the extended barrel through the internal bushing. I have read a post that states there is some increase in velocity due to the .225" increase in length and that it shoots flatter. I shoot this gun in IDPA matches. I am debating whether to buy the factory barrel and a 10x bushing and get greater accuracy (although the gun's accuracy is pretty good, right now) or buy the Auz barrel and possibly have faster follow up shots due to requiring less powder and a flatter shooting gun. For you who have the Auz barrel, what do you think? Does it really shoot flatter? How much faster is it? And I am fully prepared to ignore the posts of those who don't have the Auz barrel but feel the need to tell me that .225" won't make any difference one way or the other.
  18. Has anyone tried using the Australian Shadow extended (4.925") barrel with the CGW 10x bushing? Will it fit? I need a new barrel (another story) and I am considering the Australian barrel for a little more velocity. I shoot ESP (CZ 75 Shadow SA) in IDPA.
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