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  1. I am new to the forum. Ended up here while looking at some reloading equipment. I am mostly trying to decide between a RCBS Pro 2000 and a Dillon RL550b. I shoot quite a bit and have collected a ludicrous amount of brass so I thought it was about time to start loading it myself. As far as the presses go, I get a huge discount on the RCBS because of an employee discount. I like the five stations and it gets pretty good reviews. I am also considering the Dillon mostly because it is so popular and people seem to love it. Anyway, glad to be here. I shoot some competitive skeet/trap and train with AR15 and pistol. I have been thinking of doing some three gun and competitive pistol so I am sure I have lots to learn here.
  2. It is local so I can go check it out as soon as the guy gets back to me.
  3. Nope. You are thinking of the BL 550 basic loader. The OP found an older RL550. Thanks for that link. Any idea on what a fair price is?
  4. I am a little confused about the differences in the different Dillon 550 models. I want to get a progressive press and I was looking at getting a RL550B from Dillon, but wasn't too thrilled by the two month wait. I saw an ad locally for a RL550 for sale, but i am not sure what the differences are. Here is what his ad states: RL 550 with conversions for 223 40sw 45 acp and a shell plate for magnum cases. Questions: 1. What are the differences between the RL550B and RL550 2. Should I consider the 550 or get the 550B 3. What is a reasonable price for what he is offering? 4. I only really need the .223, so if I could get him to sell the RL550 with just the .223 what would be a good price? I can actually get a great deal on a new RCBS Pro 2000 (family member works for ATK), but I think over the long term I may be wishing I had the Dillon. Thanks for the help.
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