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  1. THIS. Technical people don't understand it but I do. Rednecky hobbies keeps me from going insane.
  2. Sounds familiar. I live a double life. I grew up on 2,400 acres, help manage a 450 farm, currently live on a mini-farm, have a business that revolves around welding, drive a truck, ride around on a tractor quite a bit, hunt, fish, go mudding, blah blah blah. Does that make me a redneck? Well, I have a degree in telecommunications, with basically enough credits to have a double major in electrical engineering and computer science. I've built stuff that was used in the design of Patriot missles and military communication systems, doing contract work for several top semiconductor compan
  3. I watched my dad drop a coyote at 120 yards with one shot out of his .44 magnum.
  4. Some religions (Buddhism) and eastern practices (yoga, martial arts) lean heavily on Zen based concepts, but Zen in itself, which is primarily physical actions and tricks that produces alpha waves in the brain, is not a religion. That's about on the same level as asking if praying is a religion. Well... no. Do some religions utilize it? Sure. When I was running track, I could get a self-induced runner's high. I was quite addicted to the feeling, felt on top of the world, no pain, total natural euphoria. I knew the physical tricks to make my body do that, and I felt better and more a
  5. One time I went snowboarding in Colorado. There were several of us driving down the mountain at Keystone in a rental minivan. We were talking about the scenery or something and for some reason I thought it would be funny to tell my friend who was driving that he should do a donut in this parking lot so that we could get a panoramic view. Well, he didn't exactly do what I had in mind. He starts barreling down the road then locks up the emergency brake when we get to an overpass. Well, it was a solid sheet of ice. We spin around totally and do a 360 about 5 1/2 times. When we finally stop
  6. How about when you are home alone and bored out of your mind late at night and are practicing mag changes with multiple guns but with empty mags, along with dry firing a bunch for about two hours and get into the "it's empty" mindset. You go to put everything up, don't think much about the fact that the mag that you keep in the FNX-40 for HD purposes is loaded, then at the last minute start playing with the takedown lever because it's new and just so damn interesting that you can just pull the slide back, flip a switch, and the thing falls apart. So you chamber a round without realizing it,
  7. Or better yet, don't do this then play hockey on the same day. It wasn't my first time but I was on the verge of hypothermia without realizing it and wasn't thinking too well. When I got an adrenaline rush from seeing a buck I started shaking violently. I shot too quickly and split my forehead open about 1/4 or 3/8" with the scope. I proceed to literally jump out of the stand from 10 feet up, and due to the cold I must have busted several capillaries, as my feet burned very badly for some reason. Thought I was sweating even, so I wiped my brow and noticed blood all over my hands. Finally
  8. Never go on a 4 mile road race immediately after drinking 1.5 bottles of wine.
  9. Once I went in a biking/camping trip in Frisco Colorado with a friend. We went to BackCountry Brewery, had a bunch of beer, and their duck and jalapeno pizza. It was summertime yet it was 38 degrees at night so we had to keep the tent closed up. It was the stinkiest tent in all of history.
  10. After reading threads like this I had some ideas in mind, until I went to my first meet 1.5 weeks ago at Rockcastle. Now, I just don't get it. The longest haul I had to make was basically across the road. 20 yards maybe, never more than 30 for sure. My pistol and all ammo fit on my belt, and I had two small cases for the shotgun and rifle, one for each hand which balanced nicely. It was a cake walk. I guess I could see it if you had to pack up for multiple stages and walk much further and if there was much more traffic but otherwise I can't see that it's worth the effort. There were in
  11. Kinda wondering what all kind of gun related songs are out there. Personally I like "cock the hammer" by Cypress Hill and "Down Rodeo" by Rage Against the Machine.
  12. So since this seems to be a loading problem and not a MatchSaverz specific problem, is it unsafe to load into the loading/ejection port? My skeet club doesn't let us keep a bunch of ammo in the tube, they make us load each shot separately except with doubles, so everybody is constantly just loading shells into the side if they have a semi-auto. That's going to make me cringe now.
  13. Once when trying to buy heavier .223 ammo for deer hunting when I couldn't use my old 30-06, this fat guy probably in his late 50's came over to help. me: "I'm interested in that 77 grain Hornady TAP-FPD." employee: ".... (long pause while looking at the box)... (then strange eye contact while head was down)... These will kill somebody. They were made for punching through material. I mean, you can shoot somebody in a car, and they will go right through that windshield and KILL SOME BODY.... (still looking at me in a serious way)..." me: "uh, I guess I'll take them"
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