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  1. Looks like the cases are tipped in the tube like its for 45 should be smaller diameter so the cases sit flat on top of each other
  2. #1 Walls and all hard cover is impenetrable so it would be a reshoot #2 Is not a legal stage you cant go directly from strong hand to weak hand without freestyle between
  3. My cell number 


    1. GrumpyOne


      I guess we'll all start calling you. If you want information to be private, you need to use the PM function, not a status update.

  4. ok here's my wild guess, replace the firing pin spring , pin bouncing as slide picks up round and catching top of brass causing round to dive into feed ramp or mag sounds crazy but give it a try
  5. For 140mm mags you should be using 11 coil springs the 13's are for 170mm you have a lot of pressure pushing the round up against the slide that's why the rounds are moving forward
  6. Try turning your over travel screw in alittle ,trigger is pushing the disconnect up when you have it pressed making it ride the disconnect rail on the slide slowing it down
  7. Could you add me in open class also rgbsti. A72577 Thanks
  8. Iam running HS-6 At 9.0 grains under 115 Hap ,1.165 oal making 173.5 PF 5'' KKM barrel Akia stye comp with 4-.130 barrel holes

    Open Load Recipe

    If you want to try 115 jhp start at 8.7 -HS6 and work up use SRP, Iam at 9gr 5'' KKM barrel with 4 holes, Akia gill comp, PF172.5
  10. yes it had cuts 5" slide off of open gun, 6 Slots per side, flat top , swoop cut in back This slide broke at the front of the ejection port
  11. Just sent a slide to STI for warranty weight was 10.2 and had no trouble, slide is being shipped back as we speak (Thanks STI !!!)
  12. I would say that's it is probably crimped primer pockets ,Ive went to cleaning all primer pockets and putting a slight chamfer on them most pocket cleaning tools will do this , this has eliminated my priming issues Randy
  13. Well just had this happen last week too. Had a primer fall out in the mag the round chambered I pulled the trigger of coarse no bang so when tried to rack the slide firing pin was stuck in the primer flash hole result bent pin. I straightened mine didn't have a spare and wanted to shoot used brass hammer and steel plate polished it was good to go I'am ordering a new one but will get me buy till then
  14. Would some one here know what size and thread pitch the elevation screw on a dawson bomar style sight is Thanks Randy
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