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  1. Same thing happened on mine. I removed the sight, staked the dovetail base with a center punch, cleaned off all the oil and debris, and put red loctite on it. After a couple matches, it is again just a touch loose. >_< So many issues with this gun that I'm swearing off stock STI's. Custom for any future purchases.
  2. Try Bevin @ Grams Engineering. He did my STI DVC barrel which is TiN coated. Great service and results.
  3. Works on my iMac. You are using the rightmost button at the bottom of the page correct?
  4. I second sending the barrel to Beven. He did my .40S&W on my DVC and it came out great. Super fast turnaround as well.
  5. I tried around 10 times. Half were just over 300ms (low 20 year old) and the other half were <300ms (down to 246ms) which says I'm not human. I'm 56. Interesting test and results. Too bad there isn't an option for an audible cue.
  6. The TiN was already polished off the feed ramp at the factory.
  7. That's my gun. It's really nice. It replaces my DVC as my primary gun. I should had gone with a full custom right from the start instead of installing a metal grip, sv trigger, EGW ambi safety on my DVC. Gun ended up costing about the same as a full custom one did. Don't use 9 for USPSA, go 40 S&W. Nice Ed. Good luck with it. You shooting it at Spring Blast?
  8. You can email all the shooters from the match from Practiscore on the web. We don't do so from the tablets. Find the completed match in the club section. Choose manage shooters -> approve/view shooters In the upper right is "Email shooters". Use that to email out the link to the Practiscore results. That's out range SOP.
  9. Our club has used that also. As stated, approve w/ custom price.
  10. Any reason why Area 8 is not listed? http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-match-details.php?indx=1055
  11. Area7 registration was the second attempt and still a joke. Took me 20 minutes to complete the process.
  12. Another vote for the Dawson lo-pro. Just make sure you use a little blue loc-tite or it will loosen up after every stage.
  13. My team mates and I (Team Infidel) bring our own tape guns to bigger matches. Never an issue with us and taping. We're done before the RO gets back to the shooting box. I like the idea of having some pasters (including black and white for no-shoots and hard cover) when ROing a stage. One more little extra to keep things moving. I hate lazy squads.
  14. My past 45ACP load was 4.5gr Winchester WST over a 230r FMJ Precision Delta or Berrys plated RN. I'm shooting .40 for the most part now though.
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