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  1. Call JP. They will steer you in the right direction.
  2. I have ran 4 full cycles through the C mag in the jp gmr 12 with no malfunctions.
  3. Shortend Beta C MAG for Glock to fit better.
  4. JP Enterprises GMR 12. Got this one early before they changed the model to GMR 13.
  5. If they catch on and sell a pile of them I wonder if S&W will try to make the C frame model 73 again?
  6. How about we try PCC's in steel challenge. They already have a RF rifle division. My local match director said I need to load light 9mm out of my 14.5" barrel PCC so I don't damage his steel. Really? I didn't push the mater. It would be allot of fun though.
  7. Food for shot. A Beta Cmag shortend for the GMR-12. Used 4 full cycles and no malfs.
  8. +1 for the JP GMR-13. Mine runs great with all of my Glock mags Stock, limited, and open. 100 yard gun all day even with crap ammo. The dual top and side charging handles are really slick. I can shoot it as fast as a rim fire carbine in steel challenge.
  9. I was at a local match last year where their were three paper targets at 45 - 50 yards and the stage description required two hits to the body or one to each head to get full credit for the target. The shooters who knew their guns could really pull ahead. The rest of us were left stuffing more slug shells in our guns to finish the stage. Now I know what my scatter gun does with what ammunition and with what choke at different ranges. I choose to get better and learn my gear not complain about the challenges that attracted me to the shooting sports in the first place. The shotgun is a challenge accept it and overcome or be left reloading on the clock wishing you spent more time on the practice range.
  10. In Alaska sometimes the charging targets win. Daaa bears. Points for realism right?
  11. Want one. Two if I have to. Any rumors on who in AK is getting any? VF Grace?
  12. Hay guys, I just found a better way to tape up slug holes on paper targets. I was at my local UHAUL store renting a trailer and found out they sell 2" wide brown paper tape. That is better than trying to patch up holes with regular target tape.
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