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  1. Thanks Richard. So, now at least I am laughing while running. LOL
  2. It appears that Barney needs to be added to the new IDPA Rule Book (2013).
  3. This is definitely an IDPA wonk question, but I would appreciate any input into the subject matter. Rule 3.14 states all firearms and magazines must always be loaded to the shooter's division capacity, unless otherwise specified by the stage description. Rule states all magazines must be loaded to division capacity at the start signal throughout the match. In this case the 1911 (CDP) requires 8 rounds per magazine. Rule states that In SSP, ESP and CDP the shooter will also start with one round in the chamber, unless the CoF description requires otherwise. This is where it begins to get a little tricky. In most cases SSP and ESP divisions have magazines that will carry more than the division load requirement; therefore, 10+1 is not an issue. The magazine that has been loaded in the pistol meets the requirements simply by loading 11 rounds in the first magazine. However, an 8 round magazine can not carry the extra round required for 8+1. Under the current rules you are allowed to carry 2 additional magazines and they must be loaded to division capacity, which in this case is 8 rounds. This is where the problem begins. If a shooter does not begin with 1 round in the chamber and 8 rounds in the magazine, then they will be assessed a PE. However, if the shooter chooses to load 1 round in the chamber and then replaces that magazine with one of his magazines that has 8 rounds he will then comply with the 8+1 rule and will not be assessed a PE. However, now one of his magazines has 7 rounds and his magazine division capacity would not be met. So, in both cases the shooter should be assessed a PE. It appears that to comply with one rule, then you must violate another. Would it not be more simple, then to utilize the SSR and ESR rules for the CDP division. Load three magazines of 8 and go get'em?
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