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  1. george76904

    Which one?

    Longbow. Original NCIS or NCIS LA?
  2. Another +1 on the consideration of keeping the chop shop open as a parts trading place. I understand the rationale behind not allowing the subforums to do trading. It is much more organized, but at the same time as others have so eloquently put. Tanfos really aren't that common in the us. There is very few people with aftermarket parts, and the chop shop allows us to talk about issues with guns, and new projects. It is also a place for horse trading parts, so that others can continue their builds. Again I understand the rules are rules. But it would be greatly appreciated by those who read, and trade on this topic. If we were allowed to continue trading even if it was as Open1215 put it a non ffl parts swap. It would still be an invaluable resource. Thanks, Will
  3. The first witness I bought was a witness 9mm and .22 combo (back when they still sold it) but I love the thing! I shot steel challenge and it took some magazine work and decent ammo but I got it to run great. I love the thing. It was finicky at first but it runs well and is a pleasure to shoot.
  4. george76904

    Which one?

    Ugh no creamer! Black wins hands down side I was 6. Pancakes or waffles?
  5. george76904

    Which one?

    Wild every time! Sausage or bacon?
  6. george76904

    Which one?

    Ohh toughie. But I would probably say just a big old slab bones and all. Fish: Darker fish like blues and mackerel. Or whiter fish like tilapia, and cod?
  7. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="MrPostman" data-cid="2384862" data-time="1430350991"><p><p><blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="Cy Soto" data-cid="2384304" datatime="1430275650">Yes, they may last a little longer. But I know if at least one person who sent in multiple frames he'd bought second hand and shot till they cracked, sent em back to EAA and got brand new frames, both times. Which sounds like a pretty good deal to me
  8. george76904

    Which one?

    Depends on the type but generally smoked. Beef, or pork?
  9. george76904

    Which one?

    DVR. Skip the commercials. Except the Superbowl. Dark chocolate, or white chocolate?
  10. george76904

    Which one?

    Night of the living dead Shooting when its freezing but dry, Or hot and humid?
  11. george76904

    Which one?

    Torch Auto darkening helmet, or just a standard one?
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