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  1. I wrote that article lol. Believe me it seemed freakier to do than it actually was in the end and totally fixed my problem. A big part of my issue is that I'm using some pretty wide and rough hollow-points they give my shooting team which was really catching on that feedramp. Here's a post to another person that was basically doing the same thing that has pics in it. They did a much prettier job than I did on the fly the night before day two of the USPSA Area 2. Hope this helps. I see you're in Tucson, I'm up in Phoenix. If you come out to Rio sometime I'd be happy to show you my setup. https://www.ar15.com/forums/Armory/Fixed-my-SIG-MPX-jamming-problem-UNDATED-FEB-20TH-BOTTOM/45-486639/ JF
  2. Thanks all. I inspected everything. Can pin, extractor, extractor pin, springs. Etc. i just packed it up and sent it off the C Rums who did the original work. Hopefully I have a diagnosis soon. JF
  3. Thanks all, ordered them up tonight!
  4. I know there are many different rule-sets but does anyone have any info on the legality of the mag-pods for 3-Gun ? I know in Open anything goes but I'm a tactical/limited shooter. Looks like USPSA multigun defines bipods and monopods as being part of the rifle and I would argue these are not part of the rifle. 3 Gun nation looks to be the same way. I'd really like to run these but information seems scare. Any help would be appreciated! JF
  5. My Benelli M2 developed a bad case of the Benelli "click" at my last match. I changed the recoil spring tonight to an extra power and noticed that what appears to be a couple dents on the side of the barrel. The ejector seems to get stuck in it every so often instead while working the bolt back and forth and not going fully into battery. When I pull the trigger the bolt and ejector will fully rotate into position. Can someone take a look at this and let me know if something seems off. I'm also including a video of the problem. Thanks! JF
  6. I'd love to but I'm out of the country until the 18th of January. I'd be happy to do it when I'm back in town. Maybe someone else can help out before if not I'll post in a few weeks. JF
  7. Hello,can i have more pics about Swarovski z6i

  8. Received my coupler and assembled over the weekend. I chamfered as per instructions with a file and a finer grit file to remove the excess polymer. I used the taccom spring to replace the stock glock 33 round spring and a stock 17 round spring and plate. I placed the 17 round spring in the 33 rounder body with the plastic base plate. I put the long taccom spring in the 17 round body and assembly was a snap. I tried per the instructions to put the long spring in the long body and short spring in the short body but trying to get it to close was a nightmare so I did the reverse order as per the youtube video floating around. It loaded to full 48 round capacity without a hitch and I used it on three stages at USPSA yesterday. Mag worked flawlessly. I was on the fence about the whole thing but I'm thrilled it worked out. I also picked up the Taccom comp and it seemed to be a slight improvement over the stock birdcage but these damn PCC's are just bouncy as all hell. Mine works so I'm' not going to mess with it, I'll deal with the bounce until I can save my pennies for a JP GMR 15. Great product Tim! I'll try to track your squad down at Lucas Oil to say thank you! JF
  9. I picked up a new in box 9mm eagle for about $1500 from gunbroker. I then was able to pick piece by piece what I wanted for upgrades and had a local gunsmith tune everything for me. I love the CK guns and would take one in a minute but having the freedom to get exactly what I wanted for less money was nice. I'll be detailing the whole process in an article soon. I'll post it when it's ready. I've shot Glocks for years and really took my time before diving into the STI world. Talk to you soon. JF
  10. I've put the noveske qd cups in a versamax, benelli and fn slp. It's good to go in all of them. Obviously make sure you pick a spot that doesn't interfere with the operation of the shotgun I like my qd cups towards the rear of the hand guard but that's just me. JF
  11. You're good to go in USPSA Limited with the DVC 3-Gun no worries. Have fun and just throwing this out there but for DVC kind of money I would take a look at CK arms as well as an option. JF
  12. JBOT5000

    SJC Frame Weight

    Oh shoot didn't know that! No problem I've been shooting from retention for the last 12 years. Or I'll just unscrew the hood and voila retention gone! Thanks for the heads up though I appreciate it, guess I better read my rule book again lol
  13. JBOT5000

    SJC Frame Weight

    I just spoke with red hill tactical yesterday and they are making a custom glock 17l holster with frame weight and retention for me. That way I can run it in 3 gun with retention and slide the retention down for uspsa. No one makes a Glock 17l mold so it will stick out a little bit but he was super fast at responding and willing to make a custom order even during the Christmas rush. Seems like a great company. I'll report back how it goes.
  14. JBOT5000

    17L vs 34

    For what it's worth I run a Glock 34 in Production and SSP and then run a 17L customized by Fire 4 Effect out of El Paso, Texas for 3 gun. Between the two I prefer the 17L, the Long slide is definitely an advantage in sight radius and with the lite 9mm loads I run it seems to recoil less with the longer slide and stays on target much better for me. I run a 13 pound ISMI spring in both. If you have the extra money I would definitely pick up both. The 17L or 24 is not IDPA legal, I have tried to shove mine in the IDPA box at home a hundred different ways and it will not work. If you could only get one gun get the 34 and it's good for three sports, USPSA Production, IDPA SSP and 3 Gun. Here is a thank you video I did for Fire 4 Effect the first time I shot the 17L at a match about a year ago after they customized it for me. Excuse the misses I was trying to run it as hard as I could to make sure it was good to go.
  15. Hello all, Just wanted to give you all a link to the follow up article Amanda wrote detailing her experience shooting her duty weapon for the first time since her injury at a USPSA event. The article went out today in the IDPA Tactical Brief and will be out with this week's USPSA Downrange as well. Again thank you to everyone in the shooting community for your support. We are making progress and there are good and bad days which I'm sure everyone can relate to. We'll be shooting a precision rifle match on Friday which is the first foray into that world for both of us and we'll detail the experience in a future article as well as continuing to document her pistol progress. I'll also have an upcoming article detailing my experience at the 2016 Western States Single Stack Championship and using a 1911 for the first time in a competition. We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and stay safe, http://exclusive.multibriefs.com/content/road-to-recovery-miles-to-go/law-enforcement-defense-security
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