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  1. The only issue I have ever had with a Holosun is the long Torx screw that tightens the mount onto the rail. The threads are very soft and will not hold up to aggressive tightening. I found a US made replacement fastener at ACE Hardware and it solves the problem. As far as returning to zero; mine is mounted on a High Standard Tournament Trophy .22LR using a LSP rail. As long as it is reinstalled in the same notch and pushed forward it returns to zero fine( at 25m it will return to zero with less than 5/16" variance using Wolf Match Extra) My Holosun is a 4038 which of course has a different
  2. I have been using the Alpha X holster for my CZC CTS using the Sp01 magnetic insert with no problems for almost 3 years now, I use the muzzle support to keep the pistol extra firm. CR Speed has been my go-to pouch for many years, simple and effective.
  3. Mine will function 100% with Hornady Critical Duty 135g FlexLock so I'm good in that regard. I am shooting NRA Bullseye with the 97b as it is more accurate than 2 custom 1911 USPSA Limited pistols I have. Go figure?? Too heavy to carry, I'll stick to my P7 for that.
  4. I noticed that CajunGW has listed a 'new style CZ97b barrel' I have not experienced any issues with the 'old style' barrel except when shooting 200g SWC/4g Bullseye. The bullet tends to nose into the feed ramp and 'stick'. I have tried many different seating depths, 4 brands of mags (factory works best)and the feed ramp is mirror polished. It digests 100% with 200g FMJ RN but is scary more accurate with the SWC. Any comments regarding if the new style barrel might address this problem?
  5. I have 3 DPPs, one on CO gun, one on an open gun, one on carry pistol; all have worked as promised and advertised great battery life, all hold zero so I'm sticking with them. These 3 are over a year old and still on original battery after thousands of practice and match rounds downrange, all go to sleep and awake as they should. My RMR, not so much.
  6. Any of our members have the dimensions of an STI and Tanfoglio/CZ Hi cap mags? I need the width measurement for a project I am working on.
  7. Thought I would finish off my CZ collection with a .45ACP 97B. Stock mags are 10rd and I would like to add 3 more via extensions. A mag well would be nice but not a game stopper. I've looked at the leading vendors; Taylor Freelance, SSS, CZ Custom and Cajun Gun Works without success. I am hoping the experts on the forum could help out. The pistol is currently in the CZ Custom shop getting an SAO, adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front sight, and an action job.
  8. I have been using the large Midway bag for the last 6 years and it is starting to fall apart at the seams. In my search for a new bag I came across the DAA Rrange Bag Pro with the cart. Holds gear and 3 pistols, maintenance stuff, tools, timer, and the list goes on.....at the end of the day it weighs in at 52 pounds. The Range Bag Pro and cart haul all this stuff over rough ground and has always served well. I keep it all assembled and, like a suitcase, just toss it in the back of my SUV.
  9. Has anyone had experience with Power Pistol powder? A club member gave me an unopened 5# bottle. I shoot mostly 200G SWC Plated, but sometimes I use the standard 230G Ball. Some load data would be helpful.
  10. I have searched everywhere for mag extensions for a CZ 97 .45ACP without any success, I have been told that a Tanfoglio Mag extension will work. Anyone know if that is true?
  11. I am new to forums so this is no doubt a strange question, but I can't seem to find the page where you enter your personal information, select avitar, etc. Can someone steer me in right direction please
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