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  1. I really tried but was not impressed with the 712. It kicked pretty hard and only liked federal shells. The 21" 1301 comp that I have has run 2500 rounds without cleaning. It is a beast. Absolutely no regrets.
  2. Sorry I do not know. I only shoot 2 3/4" shells, so it was probably 5 original. I do not use a clamp. I either read on here or asked nordic (cant remember which) and the clamp is not needed with a +3 or smaller.
  3. I have a Nordic +3 on my 21", and I run the carlson extended choke tubes. I don't have a picture, but it is flush. I have 8+1 in mine, and am running the stock magazine spring. Has performed flawlessly. I have somewhere between 1500 and 2000 rounds through it. It is more reliable than my friend's 870 pump. I haven't had a malfunction in at least the last 600 rounds. Running the lightest federal loads I can find. Enjoy!
  4. I have a 21" with Nordic +3, and barrel clamp is not required. I've had no problems in the 2000 rounds I've put through it.
  5. I have somewhere between 1500 and 2000 rounds through mine without cleaning it as well. The numbers add up quick with the magazine extension...we go through 3-400 shells per outting. Running an IM choke on my 21" I have oiled the rails a couple of times (slip 2000 ewl), but feel really bad about not cleaning it. Hopefully I'll get some time before the next outing. What is funny to me...is mine runs better than my friend's Remington 870...he had 4 shells get stuck last outing. It's gotta be the rotating and locking bolt of the beretta that twists them before extracting them. Mine has ran 100% for at least the last 600 rounds. Bluedevil008, I agree 100 percent. Shot skeet, trap and 5 stand last weekend in addition to a multigun match with a lot of shotgun use....very pleased with my 1301....my o/u's for skeet and trap will be safe queens going forward......
  6. Ace is an awesome store for nuts and bolts. And pins too . Glad you were able to salvage your range trip!
  7. I've had mine about 6 months and it has 1000 rounds through it. I feel bad, I haven't cleaned it yet. I have oiled the rotating bolt and the slide rails twice though with CLP. Winchester is hit or miss in my 1100 (1970's) and my 1301. Mine runs RIO 1045 reliably, also runs all of the federal 2.75 DRAM to 3.25 DRAM that I have put in it, and all of the herters I have put through it. Ran 250 rounds of Herter's through it and 75 rounds of misc. federal through it a couple weeks ago. FYI I traded up from a CZ 712. It was a little picky on ammo. Good luck to ya!
  8. FYI everyone, I got the limbsaver 10702 recoil pad in and it fits VERY good! It will be a couple weeks before I can use it but I am expecting great things. (I was running the limbsaver 'medium' slip on and it was very comfortable to put 300 rounds through).
  9. Thanks for this. I did not even think that they would make prefit pads for Beretta. I ordered the Limbsaver 10702 off of amazon, I think it is the correct one that you are talking about. The 10701 seems to be the 'larger one' that you are speaking of. It would be awesome if this fits it perfectly! I was trying to justify buying a benchtop sander from harbor freight and the miles jig off of midway!
  10. Pat, do you know which version you got of the kick eez ? Grind to fit? Pre fit? Looking at their website now. Thank you! I put a KickEez pad on mine. The pad was wider and longer than the factory pad. I'm not worried about the larger size. It isn't a show gun and the larger pad distributes what push there is into a larger area of my shoulder pocket. Pat
  11. I have been accused of "being soft" but limbsaver slip on does add a lot of comfort to it. I want the wife to feel comfortable shooting it too. Does it feel like it kicks hard enough to need more padding? I'm pretty happy with the factory pad.
  12. Is anyone using a good recoil pad for the 1301? I have a limbsaver slip on (medium) that works great, but it slips around quite a bit and I am constantly adjusting it. Has anyone tried to fit a limbsaver grind to fit (or something similar) with any success? I blasted about 300 clays this weekend with my 21" and IM choke. What great fun! Thanks!
  13. I had posted a couple weeks ago about a new fiber optic sight. I went with this magnetic one and it works perfect! Stayed on after 100 rounds this weekend! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0057IPBSQ
  14. "baby hands" ...ROFL. Also you may want to loctite the mid bead.
  15. When I first got my other gun (CZ 712) I did not understand that the piston area needs no lube. So make sure you are not lubricating there . As far as I know, the two places I mentioned (rotating bolt and rails that come into the reciever) are the only two places that require lubrication.
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