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  1. jdk62738super

    2019 IRC

    The dates are going to change. According to Dave USPSA have some thing on those dates. He said at the match this week he would have new dates soon
  2. jdk62738super

    929 sudden light strikes

    It should be 8 round neutral. You can have 10 shots in an array, as long the 2 shots are available from some other position
  3. jdk62738super

    x- tream 9mm brass

    That is what I meant . I was thinking about buying some to try. What do you think
  4. jdk62738super

    x- tream 9mm brass

    Has anyone used this brass in a 929. What did you think of it Thanks John
  5. jdk62738super

    What holster for a 5" S&W 610?

    I use a cr speed , also some shooters are using DAA race master
  6. jdk62738super

    Your Favorites

    My 929 9mm LPA front and rear sight fiber optic
  7. jdk62738super

    Where can I find a set of X Frame Rubber Grips?

    On s&w web site with finger groves. Price $38 John
  8. jdk62738super

    Are there any after market comps for the 929?

    I don't think there any after market. You could get one made. But $$$$ . But the velosity you are making, It 's not be worth it
  9. jdk62738super

    Rumored SouthEast ICORE Regional Match?

    East Coast Regional is in Pn in november
  10. jdk62738super

    Rumored SouthEast ICORE Regional Match?

    The New England Regional's are in Rochester.
  11. jdk62738super

    929 Sights

    The 929 is a pinned sights. but the sight from speed beez has to be drilled. I have them on both my 929
  12. jdk62738super

    What sizing die to reload for 9mm in revolver

    I use dillon 9mm die set in my square deal works in my 929. John
  13. jdk62738super

    Where can i find a s&w 929 factory rear sight?

    PM me with your info the sight is free
  14. jdk62738super

    Where can i find a s&w 929 factory rear sight?

    I have one I took of mine if you want it let me know. John
  15. jdk62738super

    929 strain screw