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  1. I have shot 38 short colt from my 929, it does buldge the case .I went back to 9 mm cases did not want the hassle of making sure the 38 short was all ways sized correctly I am of the mindset if works leave it alone. Mickey I was wrong earlyer it is 2.7 gr of tite group 165 coated bullet .358 dia. fed case fed spp 125 - 126 power factor John K
  2. I use fed cases fed spp 165 ,358 bullet with 2.5 gr of tite group 127 power factor
  3. I have some accessories clasifieds moon clips are double alpha .037. Used $3 each in good shape Let me know if intrested John
  4. what do you want trade we talked years ago about this

  5. I don't think S&W changed the barrels , I have two of them and I shoot .358 9mm bullets from both. They are about 3 years apart. John
  6. I had the same problem, what was happening was the knuckle of was getting banged by the grip under the trigger guard. I tryed filing down that part of the grip, did not work. Went to hogue rubber grip no finger groves with big butt cured the problem
  7. Picked up a 929 2 years ago, had a local smith clean up and polish the internal parts and got a 7.5 to 8 lb trigger pull, with adjustment to the strain screw got it down to 6.5 lb. But you have to use well seated federal primers 8 to 10 thousands below flush
  8. The dates are going to change. According to Dave USPSA have some thing on those dates. He said at the match this week he would have new dates soon
  9. It should be 8 round neutral. You can have 10 shots in an array, as long the 2 shots are available from some other position
  10. That is what I meant . I was thinking about buying some to try. What do you think
  11. Has anyone used this brass in a 929. What did you think of it Thanks John
  12. I use a cr speed , also some shooters are using DAA race master
  13. My 929 9mm LPA front and rear sight fiber optic
  14. I have both the BMT and TK custom for my 9mm. I like the BMT the best.Its a little expensive but worth it
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