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  1. I hadn't realized they changed the CoF for the carbine classifier. I'll be interested to shoot it this spring
  2. Well using the 5 x 5 classifier should solve this problem
  3. I prefer the traditional 90 round and 72 round classifiers but the 5 x 5 classifier is a good practice drill
  4. Huh. I always shoot with my "regular" concealment holster . . . . Considering the intent of IDPA, shooting with the gun you actually carry shouldn't be a new concept (I've been shooting IPSC/USPSA since 1978 and I've most often used whatever was my duty gun at that time, and a concealment holster. But, people are shooting matches for their own reasons. My interest is entirely defensive, but many people focus more on the competitive aspects)
  5. When shooting in practice, start with accuracy and end with accuracy. It's interesting that a lot of the instructors who tour nationally (in this case like Pat McNamara and Tom Givens) include accuracy drills on an NRA B-8 25 yard timed & rapid fire bullseye as part of their recommended practice program.
  6. 17 May 2018 01:02 #13 2018-05-17T06:02 So I shot the IDPA PCC classifier last Saturday for the first time. Not a bad course of fire. I think stage II at 25 yards could be improved by the use of a high barricade for cover, and have the shooter's lateral movement be to cover instead of just from shooting position to shooting position. I dropped a few hits shooting around cover at 50 yards. Gotta practice multiple target engagement from around cover some more. A few of the local PDs bought Marlin or Ruger or Colt 9mm carbines as a replacement for the shotgun back in the early 90s. All of the departments in our county have now replaced the carbines or shotguns with 5.56mm rifles of some variety. A few departments did go with the Ruger Mini-14 for cost reasons originally but to my knowledge everybody has been running AR platform guns for years. I have one of the Colt R6430 9mm carbines that I bought in 1992. They are great fun to shoot, and I can shoot them on steel plates and on the local indoor range without fear of damaging the equipment. If I wanted to do the same practice with one of my regular ARs, I'd have to buy frangible ammo at $350 a case. So the carbine still gets lots of use. I have been shooting it in local USPSA matches a little bit in the Pistol Caliber Carbine Class. I know many guys who have recently done builds on AR type 9mm carbines and some that have purchased carbines of other configurations. They are very much enjoying researching which trigger group and compensator and which optic to put on their new projects and what bullet weight to use for reloading and all that. I’m just happy to shoot my entirely stock Colt 9mm with NATO spec ammo I get on sale from Midway USA or Natchez Shooter's Supply.
  7. Has anybody shot it yet? I just got classified in Pistol Caliber Carbine in USPSA last month
  8. Jeff22


    So I've cut way back on my walking and I ice my knee at least three times a day -- when I wake up, before I go to work, and before bed. I think my knee is almost back to normal. I walked two miles at my normal pace at the health club the other day without ill result. I'm going to increase my walking distances gradually and keep icing it.
  9. Complete Nutrition now makes a Coffee Flavored protein powder called "Maine Roast". There is the original coffee flavor and a new mocha flavor. You can mix it with water or milk or even cold coffee. (I find a half and half mix of 2% milk and coffee works pretty good) It's often cheaper if you buy it from amazon.com instead of Complete Nutrition.
  10. I'm experiencing bursitis in my left knee. I originally tweaked it making a pivot to the right on the indoor range, and then a month later when running (slowly) during a physical fitness evaluation for work. The doctor recommended frequent icing and anti-inflammatories. I've also been using Blue Emu cream which seems to help a little. But, the condition is persisting. I don't want to do anything to prolong it. Does anybody have any suggestions? This is REALLY interfering with my physical fitness program.
  11. Either version of the IDPA classifier match is a good test of basic skills. I like to shoot USPSA Special Classifier matches for the same reason. Shoot a bunch of classifiers and keep good notes and it will help you determine what skills you need more practice on.
  12. Jeff22

    New Glock Coming out!

    My PD issues .40 cal Glocks. We had at least a dozen people (including myself) buy Glock 42s last year. A few of my co-workers are quite interested in the Glock 43. If/when they come out, I'll buy one myself. Even though I have three Kahrs (P9, K9 and T9) that I have accumulated over the years that would fill that niche.
  13. I found a few old course descriptions last night in my file. I didn't have a chance to look too much. A number of the old IPSC courses were similar to PPC courses except with multiple targets. In some ways they are very similar to the modern day IDPA classifier (which is another course of fire I really like) One of the old courses we ran at the club back in the day and also used for the PD was called the "Wilson Rapid Fire". I looked through Cooper on Handguns last night too. There are some similarities and many differences between the courses of 1974 and the courses of 2015 . . .
  14. I started shooting IPSC with the Wisconsin Practical Pistol League in March of 1978. My first match (with a borrowed gun) was the "Cooper Assault". We had a guy sprain his knee after going over the wall. In 1981 I got hired as a cop. One of my partners was the founder of our IPSC club and was the Wisconsin Sectional Coordinator for a time. We ran the "Advanced Military Combat" as a qualification course for the PD a few times. And as a club match. And the Los Alamitos PPC. We ran that as a club match one time too. The IPSC club shot the Ambidextrous Defense and several different modifications of the "Quick and Dirty" and several modifications of the "Cooper Assault". And many modifications of "The El Presidente" which I like as a quick stage or a practice course to this day. The club had a course book from the Southwest Combat Pistol League. I think I made copies of it, but I'm not sure. If I did, I haven't been able to find them in my huge file of stuff. I'd like to find a copy of that now. I do still have a course book that A Zone publishing did in 1981 or 1982. (It has a blue cover -- can't remember the name of it right now). We used courses out of that for both the IPSC club and the PD through the 80s. I was able to get a beat up copy of the original 1974 version of Cooper on Handguns (with the red cover) for $50 from amazon.com about 15 years ago. (I already had copies of the 1979 edition (with the black cover) that I bought at the time it came out). Somebody should certainly reprint the original Cooper on Handguns sometime. I should go back and read mine again. Lots of interesting information in there, much of which is still relevant. I'd like to find a bunch of the original IPSC courses from the late 70s and early 80s. I think some of the newer shooters might enjoy shooting them. I know I would.
  15. Will Brink has an interesting article on his blog called "What you need to know about caffeine" www.brinkzone.com/articles/what-you-need-to-know-about-caffeine The conclusion is that No Doz or Vivarin may be a better source of caffeine than tea or coffee, due to some of the other compounds found in tea and coffee that affect how the caffeine is absorbed. Caffeine is the drug of productivity. A little bit is a good thing and too much is a bad thing. Sometimes I shoot a match after working all night. In which case, I crank on the caffeine at work beginning about 0530. Before a match I try to eat a high protein breakfast, and in hot weather it's critical to pre-hydrate and then to stay hydrated. Gatorade works as an electrolyte replacement. Vitalyte or CeraSport might work better.
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