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  1. No, the top Allen bolt should not spin. It should be tight. I am not aware of the new maintenance procedures.
  2. I have been playing around with the Dillon Powder Measure and the Hornady Powder Measure on the Evo. Both are much more consistent than the Evo Powder Measure and the reloading speed does not seem to have an effect on the drop as it does with the Evo PM. The Chrono results bear out the differences. I am not posting velocities, just the ES and SD Evo PM Chrono results 1 (3.2 of Titegroup, 147 gr, 9mm) ES 63 SD 18 Loaded at 1000 RPH, Bottom Dwell 1 Evo PM Chrono results 2 (3.2 of Titegroup, 147 gr, 9mm) ES 48 SD 16 Loaded at 1000 RPH, Bottom Dwell 1 Dillon PM Chrono results 1 (3.2 of Titegroup, 147 gr, 9mm) ES 22 SD 8 Loaded at 1000 RPH, Bottom Dwell 1 Dillon PM Chrono results 2 (3.2 of Titegroup, 147 gr, 9mm) ES 28 SD 9 Loaded at 1000 RPH, Bottom Dwell 1 Hornady PM Chrono results 1 (3.2 of Titegroup, 147 gr, 9mm) ES 25 SD 6 Loaded at 1000 RPH, Bottom Dwell 1 Hornady PM Chrono results 2 (3.2 of Titegroup, 147 gr, 9mm) ES 28 SD 8 Loaded at 1900 RPH, Bottom Dwell 1 The Dillon and Hornady results are virtually identical. I hope the new linkage will improve the Evo drop, although I think the problem may be more in the large diameter of the rotary plunger in the powder measure. The Hornady uses a smaller diameter plunger to measure pistol powder drops and has a larger one for Rifle, so if there is any "splash" out of powder during high speed reloading, the smaller diameter of the Hornady would "splash" out less, if it does it at all due to the different activating linkage.
  3. Loading 9mm on my Evo with Titegroup I am getting a .2 gn spread which is translating to a 15 - 20 SD at the chrono. To do some testing with a Dillon powder measure, I borrowed a friends extra off his 650 and made a bracket to activate the rod. Didn't take too long and I am getting consistent 3.2 gn throws. I will load some up tomorrow and when the weather clears will chrono. I know I was getting a 4-6 SD with my 1050 Mark 7. Will see how the chrono goes in a couple of days.
  4. I am not sure. Are you sure you have a 5/64" and the shell plate is free. I think I would give Mark 7 a call. It may save you some time. Al
  5. First, the press has to be in the upper position. The adjusting screw moves when the press in down. You can easily use a flashlight to see the screw. My hex wrench is 3 1/2" long and sticks out about an inch so the reach is not 4 inches. Also, make sure you can manually index the shell plate so you can rule out some sort of jam. Al
  6. Another good fix. I think if you could put an 1/8 in liner inside the drum, it would fix everything. No idea why Hornady has so much space between the wall and shell plate.
  7. It is 1/4" od polyethylene tubing connected with a 1/4" cable clamp. Simple and effective. You want to have it mounted high enough near the top front, so the cases have a chance to slide into the cutouts. Otherwise, you will be mostly sending cases tumbling back down to the bottom of the case feeder hoping they will land in a cutout. Hope that helps. Al
  8. Continuation... 5. Primer Rod holder. Scavenged from the one I had on my 1050 6. Primer Tube holder. Scavenged from my 1050 7. Light, again scavenged from my 1050. I mounted it on the case feed post because with the die mount, there was a limited number of positions that would accept it due to the shape of the toolhead. 8. Tools. All the hex wrenches in one place.
  9. Here are some Mods I made to my Evo to make reloading easier on me. 1. Made some brackets to hold a large Akro bin like the Dillon 1050 had. Bin sits sideways instead of jutting out into you. 2. Made ramp for bullets to fall into bin, since Evo brackets don't allow a really close fit. 3. Case collator mod. I do have the 3d printed part, but had cases coming up mouth first and getting caught on the point of the part. This simple mod works fine. 4. Made a plastic case feed tube for a friend because his feed tube didn't arrive with his Evo and he doen't know when it will come. Now he can reload.
  10. There is a thread right below yours on a Vibra Prime mod. Other tips in the thread.
  11. I have been using the Vibra Prime for at least 4 years with Winchester and Federal primers with no problems. What problems are you having?
  12. I have an Evo Pro and had to do the same. It is a 5/64 hex. Here are some pics to locate it. It moves when the press is in operation, so don't leave the hex key in there. The press will run, but won't index. Ask me how I know.
  13. There are so many extra holes in the press, it's hard to say!
  14. Yes, I can empty the brass, but the lock is faster and easier.
  15. Just got my Evolution this weekend and transferred my Dillon 1050 from my base and mounted the Evo. Have everything installed and running smooth, but the one thing I missed was my case shuttle lock like I had on the 1050. I could lock the case shuttle back and run the press without having brass feed. Was helpful when finishing up reloading for the night, just lock the shuttle and use the 2-3 primers left after the low primer warning. I looked at the Evo and decided to get my shuttle lock back. I took apart the case feed assembly. Took some measurements and double checked them. Then went to my shop and clamped the case feed assembly in my drill press. I used broken decapping rod for the pin and tapered it for easy insertion and epoxied a cap on top. Now I can lock my case shuttle to the rear again.
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