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  1. Does anyone know where you can find replacement locking clips for the tanfo 22lr conversion magazine? I happen to have several mags with missing clips, and would hate to have to buy new mags when all I need is the little metal clips. I must have somehow pulled them off before realizing that they are necessary!
  2. I wonder if EAA is savvy enough to ever monitor this thread...
  3. http://texasguntrader.com/index.php?a=2&b=663078 I ran across a so called "witness hunter pro". Sounds nice if it weren't in camo.
  4. P.S. This is for the witness limited. I'm not sure what else would fit.
  5. Just a heads up. If anyone here is a leftie, midway has the Bladetech Pro-series kydex speed rig in foliage green, olive drab, and dark earth for $21.25. There is only one of each color in both ASR and Tek-loc, and they are all left handed. If I were even remotely good at shooting left hand, I would have bought one.
  6. I see that I can order the Quinn III from double alpha in holland? P.S. is the 90 degree mount so close that you need to remove your rear sight? I would love to retain the ability to switch between sights and dot.
  7. So who else makes a 90 mount pre-drilled for a Tanfo besides Cheely?? I don't have the precision to do it myself.
  8. Yipes. I've been wanting a Cheely mount, but just assumed I could order it any time!
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