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  1. I have both. Both work fine but an SVI tube with Taran guts & basepad will give you 21 instead of 20 in the MBX.
  2. I have tried a lot of different powders including N320, N340, titegroup, and now Alliant E3. I love E3. I can make major PF (171) with only 4.2 loaded long under a 180 gr blue bullet. I also make 130 PF with 2.7 under a 147 gr blue bullet in 9mm. It's the cleanest powder I've shot as well.
  3. I really like alliant E3. I load 180gr blue bullets with 4.2 and fed match small magnum pistol primers at 1.190 getting 172PF and super soft. Not smokey at all.
  4. I used to load 6 gr under a 180 fmj with vv340 to make 175 pf.
  5. I put the Mr Bulletfeeder powder thru expander and it completely eliminated my issue.
  6. I cant speak for Atlas. Their guns look great. I do own an Akai and an SV. A good analogy would be comparing one of the highly modified sports cars such as the COPO Camaro or the Shelby Mustang to a Ferrari. All of them are nice and go fast but the SV is more refined with all inhouse parts. You can see the quality when you disassemble one. There's a reason why 20 year old infinity guns are still running strong.
  7. N320 should be fine with lead. Try 3.9 to 4 grains
  8. I use coated 220’s from SNS with VV340 and mixed brass with no issues. My last station on the Dillon 650 is a Lee factory crimp die and I’ve never had chambering issues.you might want to look into a Lee factory crimp die, they are relatively inexpensive.
  9. So I just did this to mine. I went slowly starting at .470 to .463. I stopped there and the DB has increased by roughly 0.10.
  10. My favorite load is coated lead 147 with 3.6 vv320. Right now my most accurate bullets out of my stock 3 are the blue bullet 147 RN
  11. I had issues with xtreme bullets in my gun as well. Coated work much better. Im using an infinity barrel.
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