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  1. Extreme 124, 5.2 gn 1.15 oal works on all my 9s....
  2. yup... that's the smell I'm getting.. you nailed it ! Trying to give everyone my business as much as I can...
  3. I pulled a few and they look great. No Shaving. I without ruffling any feathers...which vendor do you guys use most ? I won't mention the vendor I used but their cast boolits are first class...
  4. I loaded some coated bullets with TG and I am getting lots of stinky smell and leading... What gives ? Is TG too fast for coated bullets ?
  5. No need to use the Lee FCD.. Use a light crimp with your regular dies. The FCD deforms your boolits.
  6. Well said.. No distractions while reloading and look inside every case. I see no reason to use a powder that fills the case because of that reason. You need to PAY ATTENTION. I do that as well...
  7. I get green beans at Sweet Maria's and roast them every week. Fresh roasts + daily grind + french press= great coffee.
  8. My favorite powder for 45acp, 38spcl....well, makes it my top 3 anyways. Clean. clean, clean....
  9. Rockets

    .45acp Glock 30

    G30... The Toyota of 45s... It just runs and runs.... Love my 30sf
  10. It is the same exact powder except for the price..... 4.3 works for me.
  11. I never saw a needed to use the fcd..... it does nothing but ruin my boolits.
  12. Like others have said...just bad brass. I inspect every case very carefully and I pray I don't get a bad case... 40 is a nasty caliber, nothing pleasant about having your gun blow up on you.. I shoot the 40 but I prefer the 9 and 45
  13. Rockets


    5.4 with 180 extremes work really nice on my g23. pf 171...
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