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  1. Yep, I had to square the bends up on mine to make it work right
  2. Mine is red and the chart in the manual also shows red. It shows yellow for the auto rim.
  3. I just use an open end wrench. It helps to remove any brackets nearby
  4. Also check the wave washer, it needs to be a certain way and without getting the manual I cannot tell you. I can tell you mine was wrong from the factory and that caused it to hang up.
  5. I do my setup different i guess. I hand feed in a case to set the powder, etc. Make a dummy for seating depth and crimp. No primers or cases in the machine yet. Then put in cases, pull the hamdle til one is over the primer station, remove case, put primers in the tube, advance by hand until a primer is at the station, insert case, push forward and all is in sync.
  6. got it -- thanks I checked tonight -- it is inconsistent -- sometimes it is aligned and sometimes not perfectly -- i guess I need the alignment tool. It sounds like the head is loose on the ram or the shell plate is dirty or not adjusted properly.
  7. i did and you walked me threw the process perfectly. got some parts replaced, and it should be fixed. So what parts are the problem????
  8. Look at the book at be certain that the disk wave washer is put in properly.
  9. Run a small fine cut file around the rod slots on the measure and remove any burrs. I also rebent the rod as the offsets were not 90°. So far as the shellplate issue: have you adjusted the cam rod???
  10. I am thinking they are same dies. I read a post someplace that stated the poster was using 32 mag dies for .327. Dillon would have to verify. The .327 case is 0.125 longer, but I can't see that being an issue. The web is way thick, however (about 3/16") and I think that's rub with my depriming rod. Email me your address, I will UPS you a couple empty cases. I just bought 1,000, and can spare two. Ruined two, so I will be down to 996 I forgot to call Dillon, but will report what I learn. John On my Dillon dies the nut face is flush with the bottom of the die. I think I have Starline brass but is is 32H&R mag.
  11. Patch, I messed up.... I am actually using 32 H&R mag dies and it was the nut not the pin. The right nut is not knurled to get case mouth clearance. Dillon did not have the 327 mag dies when I set up......The 32 mag is plenty of punch in my six shoother for practice and plinking!!!! Someday I will get the 327 dies for my single stage as I do not plan to load them in high volume.
  12. My 327 set came with the wrong pin, call dillon and get the right one!
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