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  1. SteelMatchDirector

    ANSAC Speedloader for S&W 617-10 shot, NEW!

    Ken, Have you guys started up your Steel Match event as you spoke of? We had our October Match here and had 111 shooters. Our Range is under some construction so we were limited to just a 3 stage set up with a Rim Fire carbine side match. The shortage of Rim Fire ammo here is about the same as everywhere else but the number of Rim Fire shooters doesn"t show it. Have you picked up any of the Ansac Speedloaders yet or anyone else out your way? Did you see what North Mountain came up with for your belt? I succomed to getting the 5 set unit. It is really nice. I flipped the holders up side down so that they were at the top of the bracket instead of the bottom which I think is the better way. My gut doesn't interfere yet with the holders. Cheers!
  2. SteelMatchDirector

    ANSAC Speedloader for S&W 617-10 shot, NEW!

    Macinaw, Are your Steel Matches part of the Steel Challenge or an outlaw version. By outlaw I mean not related to any sanctioned matches such as the Ruger. At our local which there are two, we have a mandatory speed reload as part of the run or string. You shoot a series of plates maybe in one direction and then reload and do it in reverse. The time is for the the whole string or run. One match has 3 stages that shoot each stage 3 times and the other has 4 Stages shooting Stage 1, 3 times and Stages 2,3 and 4 just 2 times each. You will do 6 mandatory reloads requiring you to have speed loaders or extra magazines. And you can never have enough of either one of those. The 4 Stage Match will draw as many as 140 shooter entries and be finished in as little as 5 hours. They move you through pretty fast. Typically they will also have a side match as well.
  3. SteelMatchDirector

    ANSAC Speedloader for S&W 617-10 shot, NEW!

    The Ansac speedloader was the first major improvement in doing mandatory speedloads at our local match. The other loaders out there in which I have plenty of just weren't allowing me to get directly into the gun and going. Wiggle and run your thumb around the cylinder to seat the bullets was getting old and costing me TIME! The Match Director saw it was time to make a seperate class for the revolver folks in rim fire to seperate and create a whole new game. I was having fun seeing how many auto shooters I could beat with the revolver though. The Ansac Speedloader is thinking out of the box.