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  1. Did you have more than one brand or type of primer on the order? I've had best luck by ordering only one brand and type on each order. Much better chance of them getting in one item than several at the same time.
  2. CZ extended firing pins only come from 2 sources that I am aware of. I'd call them an relate your problem.
  3. A head space reamer will extend the chamber, he says he doesn't want to do this. A throater reamer with a long taper will probably work. Why do you want to chance the chamber? Is there a problem?
  4. If its shaving jacket off, then something may be out of alignment. My 57 no dash had to go back to S&W to get the forcing cone recut.
  5. I always thought a dropping front site on return was a sign of a too heavy spring, not a worn spring?
  6. Youngeyes, I hope you had that filed away and didn't have to type it all in! Some very good info, gonna bookmark it for future ref. Many tks. Hmmm, I seem to have plenty of CCI 400 SR primers on the shelf. They were there for the space gun and the 223 varmint guns. I'M a HiPower shooter. But sounds like they are not the best suited for those guns. But sounds like they would make good mid soft SP primers in a pinch. I just checked, my Tula are KVB-9, standard pistol load. Not sure how that compares to the sporting pistol primers, I suspect the sporting may be the softer cups. Also found another 5K of the Tula in the wrong stack! Was gonna drop down to a 13# spring, may do it and see if it will ignite the Tulas. The 15# has been 100%.
  7. Currently loading 9mm with those hard Tula sp primers. Am getting low and am on the hunt for more of any type. Also am wanting to swap out the hammer spring again in my old CZ75-B for a lighter one to help with the double action and hopefully a little on the single action. Replaced it a couple years ago with a 15lb due to my current Tula primers. OK we all know Federal are the lightest. At least thats what i've always heard. But alas there are none to be found in my neck of the woods(S of Atlanta). So whats the current consensus on ranking of SP primers? Candidates are in no particular order: Feredal, R-P, Winchester, CCI, Wolf/Tula(noticed one or two of the major online suppliers no longer list these in their primer list). Saw some MagTech a few years ago, any others? My quess would be Federal, Winchester, CCI and Wolf/Tula. but would like to hear from the higher volume competion shooters.
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