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  1. Should've let me build you a gun. Never had that problem on any of mine
  2. Having been to RM3G as a spectator and finally as a competitor this year, I feel it should be on every 3gunners list to shoot at least once, if not every year.
  3. Exactly! We have several newer shooters in our local 3gun group who switched to 2011s shortly after starting the game. They don't have the fundamentals of pistol shooting mastered so it doesn't matter what they are using. They just spray bullets at the longer targets. I competed in the RM3G with a $800 g34 and one shot the majority of the steel targets out to 40 yards. Get the g34, spend some money on a trigger and good sights, spend more money on ammo and practice.
  4. for the guys on squad 13 at RM3G who were asking my son about the holster hanger we use, it's the Invictus Practical hanger. http://www.invictuspractical.com/holster-hanger.html
  5. I think that props such as the sticks could be mentioned in the information that gets emailed out, i.e. target count email. The sticks could be easily duplicated at home and the choice to get familiar with them is up to the competitors. Downhill? Like falling down the road on the way to stage 9 I disagree about knowing what the props are ahead of time. If this was the very first RM3G match and you had no information about the difficulty, then some advance notice would be good. But with the videos from previous years available to review, I knew to expect damn near any kind of unusual / unstable shooting position so my son and I practiced shooting off single posts, kitchen step stools (hey look - ladders!), and anything else we could think of. I have to admit the teepee sticks and the reverse roof top were my least favorite shooting positions. But - I hit all my targets from them and I bet that any other match I go to in the next year won't have anything more difficult. Now I am a bit concerned as to what JJ has in mind for next year.
  6. Dan, thank you. The good news is that the foot is no worse than before I started. The match was good therapy! You guys who are used to shooting long range with backers or other brightly colored targets are spoiled. All I've ever known in our local natural terrain matches are white, or sort of white, gongs and plates. So the targets at rm3g were beautiful to me!
  7. I shot stage 2 in the middle of the 3rd day and it was hot. And I don't think the targets had backers. So seriously Rookie, you're complaining about what? All things considered, the stages were challenging, fair and while the target presentations may not have been ideal for every shooter at all times, we each had to deal with various challenges on each stage which works to even things out. I hope to come back next year with two functioning feet and see how much difference being able to move effectively will make! I am deeply thankful to Denise, JJ, the staff and RO's who worked their asses off to make this possible. My son and I had an awesome time at the match, got our butts kicked, and had a great week at the NRAWC.
  8. Make sure to get the two springs for the shell latch installed correctly. I had one slip a little when putting the pin back in and didn't test the gun before a match. I had a single shot versamax for the first stage
  9. North Texas multigun did a few matches with an option for the precision guys. It was fun for the couple of guys who played but died for lack of interest.
  10. I'd rather have unintentionally camouflaged targets than black targets hidden in shadows. But that's just me sayin...
  11. The kid and I are so ready to escape the Texas heat and get up there next week. I don't care if it is 90 degrees and plenty of bugs to eat, I've been waiting to make this trip for two years now!
  12. My son had this issue on his gun where I can't think of it ever happening on mine, and they are setup identically. He finally broke down and gave his trigger group a really good cleaning and lube - problem solved. I hope your trouble is that easy to fix!
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