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  1. Easier to handle without the bill on the end of the mag, easier seating with added separation between bottom of mag and strong hand, extra weight for mag to drop free during reload, place to grip if something gets jammed up. Definitely worth it.
  2. Mothers works well too. If you have any of the above you will do fine.
  3. Need recommendations: CGW vs CZC hammer. anyone try both? I have used CZC in the past on SP01 but wondering about CGW in a S2? T1 vs T3 disco. Sounds like some people still have to fit the T1, so is it necessary take the extra time on the T3? seems like a T1 with hopes that it drops in with no travel is the way to go. I have fit a t3 before but doesn't sound necessary. stock vs CGW adjustable sear? better? only fit stock in the past. who has tinkered with the S2 the most and can share the best setup so far...
  4. +1 on the palm swell bogies I didn't know about the +1/16 so I have the standard. I was using DAA wide grips but these seem to lock up in the hand much better than the flat sides of the DAA.
  5. Definitely modified, so yes obviously it should be better. I was just saying I probably could have waited for CZC to do it for me and wanted to see if anyone here ordered theirs that way.
  6. Springs, trigger especially in double action, and an overall polish of the slide rails and internals. It's really good for a stock gun but still leaving more to desire compared to how smooth my SP01 shadow is.
  7. chalkdust21

    Shadow 2

    It’s probably going to be awhile before any shadow 2 specific accessories are available; but I could definitely use some thicker grips asap.
  8. Did anyone order any custom work? Just wondering what the turnaround time would have been. I got too excited and just wanted to get it in my hands. Mine needs a little work.
  9. I went through 2 or 3 springs in about 5K live fire rounds, with a lot more dryfire pulls in between that, but who counts dry fire cycles so its really hard to say how long they last. All I know is if you every have to change one out during a match, you will be glad you have several spares since they get lost in the gravel very easily when you fumble one.
  10. They are aluminum. I will post weight later.
  11. With no other reviews I could find, I went out on a limb and ordered a six pack of Henning production base pads for my stock 2. I have only done a little dry fire with them but so far I am happy with the decision. The front blends into the magazine so well, it really does provide a great grip. This also helps eliminate the occasional pinch of skin between the base pad and magwell. I usually run grip tape on the bottom but I don't think that's necessary on these. Probably will have to clean out the grooves after dropping them in the mud but that's better than dirt stuck in grip tape. Seems like a good product at a good price.
  12. My comptac has plenty of adjustment and never had it bind. Beyond adjustment; I doubt its a technique issue so I would make sure the holster is for a shadow.
  13. If you are not manually lowering the hammer, you should never have a DA pull, so its basically SAO anyway. Remove the take up like suggested above and you have the best of both.
  14. I was using daa thick grips and just tried a pair of the factory rubber. The rubber are a more contoured fit and seem better for one handed shooting but they dont give me enough room for the support hand during freestyle shooting, so back to the thick daa.
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