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  1. I avoid the problem by ordering only 1000 at a time. Why try to kill my mail girl?
  2. 1911s, SIGs, CZs, Glocks, Tanfos. I’ve wasted a bunch of money searching for the “right” gun. I should have spent it on practice ammo instead.
  3. I consulted Manuel and he agrees with 4n2t0.
  4. I have several Supers and gone-to-hell hands. .38 Super loaded down to minor is a joy to shoot. For some reason, perhaps the way it cycles the gun, 9mm isn’t the same. It should be, but it’s not.
  5. Indeed we did. Ah, the good old days.
  6. I had a SIG “1911”that was very accurate and reliable.
  7. http://www.hodgdonreloading.com/data/pistol It appears not too hot.
  8. Buy a Coonan. That otta be hot enough.
  9. The only primer I have problems setting off are Winchester.
  10. Unless you really really want to take it all apart just keep shooting it. At only 8k rounds I’d squirt some lube on the rails and keep shooting. It depends what your comfort level is for a dirty gun.
  11. How did you determine it was time to detail strip? I used to run tens of thousands of rounds through a 1911 with only the normal field strip cleaning.
  12. You can use the 572 but you’re gonna be sorry you bought eight pounds of it :>)
  13. The only primer I have failures with is Winchester. I actually prefer Remington.
  14. I’ve tried the suspender thing, it does help distribute weight but the shoulders get tired. Maybe at 70 I’m just too old for this game.
  15. Indeed, my hip doesn’t ache carrying the Glock around an entire match. Can’t say that about my Tanfoglio.
  16. WST, N310, Sport Pistol..all better for 9 minor in my experience.
  17. I've found your Tanfoglio videos most useful. I too picked up a Q5 (in trade). So far I like it better than any other plastic pistol save my HK USP .45.
  18. I've recently returned to shooting after about a 20 year absence. I used to shoot a Colt .38 Super in IPSC and made it up to B class until my wife's health forced me to retire from spending money and time on guns. I still have a Wilson Comp'd .45 Combat Elite that's retired now, but probably the best and most accurate firearm I've ever shot. I now shoot SIG and HK 9mm and am looking to get back into the game, probably IDPA. This seems to be a great site for information.
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