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  1. +1 - I've got concrete walls and it works pretty well. Keep it simple.
  2. Andy, LGC is my home club (but I shoot at almost every club in the area) and I'll be working Ryan Rocks again this year - I'm sure I've seen you around but just don't know you. Yet. Hit me up - maybe we can be motivators for each other as I'm almost 60, a solid 40lbs overweight and really want to get my health back. I don't have a blaster as a motivator but I do have a new granddaughter that I'd like to stay around for.... Paul
  3. Haha, love this! This is what I see too. However, I will say, there does seem to be a large amount of engineers in the shooting sports. Not knockin', just sayin'. ?
  4. Helps me in shooting and my golf game. Play like you don't care.
  5. This is exactly why I like shooting w/GM's and M's - watch their plans and execution. I know I can't keep up speed wise but the plan and movement is what I want to see. This past Sunday I was shooting w/3 Gm's and one M and 2 of the 4 came up to me after 2 stages and complimented me on movement and smoothness. I ended up pretty high on those stages but then crashed and burned on a couple others - not by trying to replicate them though - I did it all on my own ?
  6. ArmorAll works well too. Spray on, let it sit, wipe it down.
  7. All great advice - no matter how long you've been shooting or how new we might be, there's always something to learn. I too have also found that most everyone in this sport loves to give back; they'll almost all give advice when asked and are willing to help with whatever you need. My one big pet peeve, and this doesn't just apply to newbies as I see way too many experienced shooters NOT do this; everyone on the squad needs to help with picking up brass, pasting targets and resetting steel unless your the next shooter, on deck or just finished. When I see the RO, scorekeeper and the next shoo
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