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  1. Anyone have an idea who can do the slide lightening? I have used CZ custom and they do awesome work but I think they are backed up. 12 weeks on a CTS
  2. Get in contact with Matt Mink at Automatic Accuracy. They make custom match ammo including 9 major
  3. I'm seeing a lot of grips like this on CZs. Is it just a smooth aluminum grip covered in skate/grip tape?
  4. good catch, just changed it, the other one I sold had the Eric hammer and I just copy/pasted the description
  5. Agree with this ^^^ Shadows I run 13 and 13 TS I run 15 and 15 Haven't been shooting that long, but have 15,000 rounds in my Shadow and have tried the 11lb rec with 13lb main. Can't tell the difference
  6. I'm not arguing at all. I just want everyone to be on the same page, be comfortable with the ruling, and put this to bed. This is from Amidon: After discussion with the USPSA President on this issue, it was determined that there is no difference, really. Caliber could be interpreted as the width of the bullet, more so than the actual round. This would allow the Tanfoglio Stock III to have a slide that states 38 and a barrel of 9mm. As the rules state caliber/cartridge .38 cal./9X19 .0354.
  7. A Stock III in .38 Super with a 9mm barrel IS production legal. Provided the barrel is EAA/Tanfo and not aftermarket.
  8. Anyone know of a basepad that can be added to the factory mags to make them hold 20? Gun comes from the factory with 17 round mags. Or any other mags that will work?
  9. Ben stoegers pro shop has liquigrip
  10. Boss Hanger, Bladetech Black Ice Holster, Ghost mag pouches, DAA Belt The Boss hanger is what made this work (finally) I started using CZs about a year ago and I messed around with 4 different holsters and several self-modified hangers. Ben's Boss Hanger setup addresses 2 huge issues I had with pretty much all brands making CZ Holsters 1. Allows an excellent grip on the gun while staying within the 2 inch limit. 2. Very sturdy and stiff mount. The pistol won't bind on the draw stroke no matter how hard you jam your hand down on the pistol or how fast you are on your draw stroke.
  11. You might check. The safariland belt is a 1.75" if I'm not mistaken? I have the DAA Belt it is 1.5. I have the Boss Hanger on the DAA belt and it is a very tight and snug fit? The Safariland Belt may not fit between the fastening screws. I would email Tim from Ben's website, I'm sure he has the specs on it.
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