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  1. I doubt this is the source of your FTFs (although anything is possible). If the burr bugs you and you're confident with a dremel, you could likely smooth it out by yourself but if not then a gunsmith could take care of it. Going the EAA route would likely take longer.
  2. Couple drops of oil on barrel, drop of lube on sear and plunger. Slide Glide and Frog Lube on rails also work well.
  3. Maybe my solution was too complex but I wasn't excited about grinding on frames. I took a quarter inch round piece of brass bar stock, turned it down to fit in the diameter of the hole in the frame where the screw goes through to hold the magwell, drilled the through hole (for the screw) to one side of the brass spacer so it would bias or pull the screw to the back and then the magwell fit great and mags drop free. No grinding on guns and it's easy to work with brass.
  4. I thought the title of this thread was "cooking" handle...I was intrigued.
  5. As a side note, I've heard it said that you may not want to modify your EDC gun much. If you can successfully answer a DA's question about why you modified the internal workings of your firearm, then you're good.
  6. Yes, 4.6 gr. 1.175 OAL Federal Mag Primer LeatherHead 180 grain -- 950 fps. Tanfoglio Limited.
  7. Yep, I meant slide lock on last shot. You're right.
  8. The slide stops can break. I've broken at least one, maybe two. Some people use the tool steel pin from EGW. Those are pretty robust but you lose the mag release part of the functionality.
  9. This is probably old news and has been discussed ad nauseam but I always thought the reason the screw broke was the repeated stress of the recoil. After breaking a screw or two I made a hard rubber bumper to support the sight and take out the bouncing motion that popped the screws. I just had to make the bumper the right height for accuracy of the sight but I haven't broken a screw since.
  10. Seems like the Xtreme series is actually a pretty good deal with 4 mags and a bunch of nice parts. Any experiences with how the ceramic coating lasts?
  11. I have an extra 20 year old 4-3/4" long top slide with the Super sight on it. Will it dimensionally fit on a new large frame? I know it might need some fitting but did the top slides change shape and size when the frames changed?
  12. Mike, the whole caliber change/Production class thing doesn't seem even possible to enforce. How would an RO or MD know that your gun started life as a 9mm but you changed a top slide to a 40 and now you're DQ'd? I suppose if you sold me the gun, you'd know but aside from personal knowledge you'd have to validate a serial number with the manufacturer?
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