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  1. I have a holosun 510c and am having a hard time getting used to a red dot. Im a 3gunner and have used Trijicon Accupoints for the past 5 years with the Triangle post. I even put the 3-9s on my hunting rifles. I am interested a triangle reticle for PCC and Leupold Deltapoint seems to be awesome. I know that leupold has a cross slot mount for the Deltapoint, but do I need a riser with the mount or is the mount sufficient for a PCC? How high of a rise would I need?
  2. Broke my shooting innovations pretty much brand new firing pin. only 200 rounds.
  3. what does the M die do?
  4. i tried it on my 650 and my results were very sub-par with crimps still in place for 20% of the cases, which was totally unacceptable.
  5. chinny33


    is it cylindrical or spherical powder? wondering how it would meter in a progressive loader
  6. FYI CFE223 is GREAT to get HIGH speeds out of a 308. better than H4895, AR-Comp, IMR-4064, TAC, Varget. I get 100fps faster, more accurate, and just overall better metering. I stick to TAC for the 223. Save a few grains with it per round, which helps in the long run
  7. honestly, I dont trim at all! I just setup my dillon 1050 just to run through without ever trimming brass. What I think helps is that I have a RCBS X small base die for 556 and I keep checking the brass to see if trimming is ever needed in my case gages and only 1 out of every 500 or more would need ever the slightest trim which still isnt enough for me to have to run the ammo through the press twice. thats twice the time and twice the work. 2 kids, a wife & a career...I dont have that time.... I do wash all the brass through my frankford wet tumbler with SS pins to have them super shiny prep: cookie sheet and spray away with Dillon case lube Station 1: Small Base X Die Station 2: swager Prime Powder Die: I use the dillon powder dropper ONLY for ball ammo. Luckily my favorite powders are CFE223 & TAC. Mr. Bullet Feeder Redding Competition Seating Die Redding Competition Crimp Die done.... throw all loaded ammo into my corn cob Dillon tumbler for 25mins then I check ALL ammo in batches of 2-5 to make sure the primer is in correctly and no major dents, cracks, flaws in the brass. Then I'll case gage 1 out of every 10 or if I can feel any out of place. done for real this time.
  8. i had the VX-6 1-6 with the CMR reticle. not even close to being daylight bright, even in shadowy cloudy overcast days. I sent it in to leupold thinking it was the scope, it wasnt. so i sold it for a loss, sadly. it had great clarity and weight....but not having a daylight bright reticle really forced me to search for the reticle while shooting fast which ended up slowing me down.
  9. I love Trigger tech & Hiperfire Eclipse. My go to is trigger tech. I sold my geissele's and ar-gold triggers. Trigger tech is 2.25lbs and the Hiperfire is 2lbs. i prefer the 2nd stage for long range targets when precision is needed.
  10. I have a tactical solutions AR-22 upper and oh my gosh can it shoot great with CCI Standard Velocity rounds. 10 shot 1 small hole groups @ 25m. uses black dog mags. very reliable. so far ZERO malfunctions in 2000 rounds through it. but as all 22s, it must be kept clean and lubed. 22s are gross.
  11. I was reading some rules for 3-gun specifically when regarding pistols that have da/sa actions. I understand with 1911s it is cocked and locked but they are single action only. I specifically was concerned with the new CZ Shadow 2 being ABLE to be in single action, cocked and locked like a 1911 style pistol. Can someone START the stage in single action with the hammer back and the safety engaged with a da/sa pistol? I know not all da/sa have an active safety, but I am only concerned with the ones that DO. I know in some competitions the rules are that a da/sa must be "decocked" in hammer down mode, doesnt matter the make/model, but does this apply to 3-gun? The CZs with the manual safety, one would have the manually decock the pistol to be in USPSA Production or IDPA Production division. I am familiar that some have specific decockers like the HK USPs, the Sigs, and some CZs have decockers. Im just kind of fond of the idea of having the double action if I needed it, whether it be in competition or as my home defense gun. LET ME KNOW!
  12. Im just grouping all my glocks from 43, 19, 17, 34, 20. The groups kinda suck compared to my 2011s. and Im shooting from a rest. Dont tell me about certain loads...im a hand loader and know how to work up loads for accuracy. I just want to know if switching to a lone wolf barrel will increase the accuracy significantly. For instance, I was shooting a 4" circle at 25yds. I can hit 10/10 with my 2011 in 9mm unsupported. I couldnt get 10/10 with any of my glocks, including my competition 34, on a rest. I actually did worse on my 17 than my 19. My 19, I got 8/10 and my 17, I got 6/10. strange. Just want your input fellow competitors! I dont want you to respond if you dont have one or dont have personal experience with aftermarket barrels, specifically lone wolf, that would just make you an attention grabber and no one cares about your conjecture.
  13. if you like 2 stage triggers....take a look into Trigger Tech adjustable. 2.5lbs total. I switched from geissele SD3G, AR Gold, Hiperfire & JP. trigger tech beat them all for my purpose and wants/needs.
  14. Trijicon accupoint - Triangle. Fiber optic + tritium. unbelievable brightness where you have to actually turn it down because some people say it is too bright. Ive gone through 2x Leupold 1-6x with the red dot and the CMR2. Had to get rid of them because they completely washed out even in overcast days.
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