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  1. yep thats the one just never owned a glock but wanted somthing for local action pistol and three gun matches.
  2. Anyone have any info on the Zev glock 17 tier 3 ? Looking at one and it appears to have everything I want including a trijicon rmr, just never seen one before and am a little unsure if I should pick it up.
  3. Had a TRP and have a RangeMaster for a pistol that wiil never be carried it's my opinion that the RangeMaster is the better pistol. As far as resale I don't know I have never seen a used Rangemaster for sale but ton's of TRP's that might tell you something of satisfied Rangemaster owners.
  4. Tried the 14lb and 15lb no go for some reason the guide rod is binding the slide, I dont know why maby its the flat machined into the barrel for the recoilmaster.
  5. Running a Sti rangemaster with a 19lb main spring and getting rid of the recoilmaster ,Shooting factory 230gr ball would a 14lb spring be a good place to start?
  6. Going to sent the wife to dawson's tomorrow to get a few different springs and not really sure on how low in weight to go to be reliable and not beat the gun to death but still shoot as flat as possible.
  7. I'm going to get rid of the recoilmaster and go flgr my question is with a 19lb main spring what would be a good recoil spring to start with? I shoot factory 230gr ball.
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