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  1. Last time I inquired they were $465. Don't know if that is current.
  2. Yeah I saw a 1911 fitting video last night and the guy didn't touch the lugs just filed on the back of the hood. From looking at the barrel which appears to have a fitting pad on it I agree that it probably is fit the same way. I am assuming I am going to need a special very fine file for this. Or is a file too aggressive?
  3. Well, tried the blue, but I didn't really see any obvious ohhh there it is kind of areas. I am really bumming at this point. One thing I did find out, brake cleaner will not remove dykem, but hoppies #9 does so there's a data point for you. Opinions? Ideas? Also, fyi dykem once it dries is like a really hard laquer, fwiw compared to sharpie. And because I had my camera and it was asked earlier, I believe this is polygonal....
  4. I don't think so, but I will look next time. Barrel and slide have not been shot except it appears as a test???? Cleaning the barrel after trying the blue, the patch came out like I had shot it (which I have not).
  5. From what I have read the dykem is a *little* more permanent so you don't have to worry about getting a false indication. *shrug*. I have never done anything like trying to fit one part to another but I guess there had to be a beginning for everything.
  6. bought some dykem, waiting for the post man to bring it to me then this story will continue...lol
  7. I have a dawson on my match. Very little adjustment was req. on the back sight to get green dot = poi. The sight was short in the dovetail as shown above. My rear on the match is the new sight FWIW.
  8. the third and sixth pictures are the easiest to see the gap in. I cannot force the .45 slide to go any higher.
  9. Hopefully you can see what I mean here. This is a comparison to the "in battery" state of my .40 and new .45 slide. You can hopefully see the barrel is not able to move totally up in the .45 slide which could be a breech end of barrel issue, or fit of the barrel lugs to slide lugs. My question is I thought this would be fitted by tangfoglio / EAA.
  10. So I sat down and tried some combinations..... Lug fits in the frame no issue on the new barrel outside of the slide. Barrel won't fit into the old slide as far as locking with the lugs in the slide so that is a no go. The takedown pin will go through the lug with the barrel naked. It appears that the barrel and new slide are possibly not fully fitted and so the barrel is not camming all the way up, this prevents me from getting the takedown pin through because it shows up as the lug being too low. Aren't the conversion kits fitted together barrel and slide????? I was under the impression the only fitting to be done on my end is to fit the slide to the frame. Looking at where the barrel hood vs the top of the slide is on the new conversion slide looks like there is clearance where on the factory .40 slide it is all a tight fit. These conversion slides are more of a pain than I thought it would be.
  11. Polishing removes metal so the bluing would be long gone before the sides got smooth, it would be a cool two tone look though. To do it right you would need to strip the finish off the entire slide, polish the sides, then re blue the whole thing.And my money's on standard rifling. My .40 has standard cut rifling, but looking down the barrel of the new .45 it appears to have polygonal rifling
  12. So I have another question / issue. I tried the slide on with the barrel in place and can't get the slide stop to go back into the gun. It appears the barrel lug is too low. If I am understanding how this works, if I fit the barrel lug to the pin height, wouldn't that possibly cause the barrel to sit low and not lock up properly? I haven't tried putting the new barrel in my old slide, but is there any issues I could have by doing that?
  13. My .40 cal barrel weighs 3.9 oz. My .45 cal conversion longslide (which as far as I can tell is the same barrel) weighs 3.2 oz.
  14. I will post some tomorrow, but yes it does have a removable front sight. Pics as requested And a picture of the small amount of wear from me trying it on and off my gun
  15. The 9mm barrel weighs 4.5 oz. Someone needs to weigh some of the other calibers! I will weigh my barrel the next time I have the gun out.
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