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  1. I've read that the RMR requires a plate on the sp-01 though.... is that true? I'll do some research but I'm worried that if I need a plate to mount my RMR that it might not be legal for carry optic? I'll look into it but if anyone has some insight that would be appreciated.
  2. Mccuistion

    Trigger weight?

    Is it just me or do those DA weight seem really high for a 11.5# mainspring? My DA pull is 4.5lb and S.A. is 2.2lb with a 11.5 mainspring. Maybe I just got lucky? But a 6lb DA with that spring sounds high.
  3. Did you need a plate to mount your optic after milling the sp-01? Ive read some people have to do that to mount an rmr(what i have). I enjoy production also but I have a built up shadow 2 for production, this sp-01T or p10c will be my dedicated CO build.
  4. Hey guys, just curious on opinions of what pistol would be better for carry optics? I own a SP-01 tactical with CGW upgrades but I also just got a p10c. Since I'll have a RMR on it, the longer sight radius of the sp-01 is negated but the extra weight could help with recoil? But on the other hand the p10c has a lighter slide so may cycle faster? I will do 140mm base pads with either one and will upgrade the p10c internals when parts become available so it comes down to large heavy steel frame, or smaller lighter polymer frame? Thanks for any input!
  5. Hey guys, I'm posting this for a friend that is thinking of selling his target sport orange because of this problem. Basically he has a stockpile of freedom munitions 9mm and it gets stuck in his mags. I've attached a pic to show what happens but my thought it the freedom munitions is just too long OAL. Has anyone seen of oal issues like this before? I haven't.
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