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  1. I've never used those. I do use Shooter and Ballistic. They are great.
  2. Ziebart, I hope you're wrong. I haven't gone to the Monday night steel because of the extra fees either.
  3. shotdown

    CFE 223

    What's your velocity? Barrel length?
  4. I agree about the battery compartment.. Best thing to do is use lithium battery instead of the alkaline. As long as you have DA, you don't need the wind reading. However, it is nice to have the option. You can find a like new 4500nv unit for less than $300 on other forums.
  5. Cool. Yeah that's almost the same load I have. Glad it's working for you. I've actually noticed bad grouping with .223 if I've over crimped.
  6. I saw a post on this, but the guy who did it stated that it was a permanent thing (you couldn't flip the seating stem anymore). Got any advice on how to do this while still being able to flip the stem? It is permanent but I'm able to flip my stem. Maybe that person over did it with the JB weld and now can't flip it. It only needs a little bit of JB weld in the hole, then lightly oil the tip of the bullet and then put the stem on top of the bullet as straight as possible. the JB weld will conform to the shape of the tip of the bullet. I use both Berry's and X-Treme and have no issues. I did not seal the opposite side of the stem since I don't use it. Hard to see but the left bullet had a ring on the tip before I used the JB weld. The one on the right is after the JB Weld.
  7. One way to get rid of that is to JB weld the hole of the seating stem on the Dillon Die. You'll have to use a bullet so that epoxy forms to the bullet.
  8. I'm loading range 9mm brass with 147 gr X-Treme bullets and I'm pretty happy with the grouping (I haven't measured though). They are through a G34 with a 13 lb ISMI spring. I'm loading: 3.3 gr Titegroup Win SP Primers OAL: 1.160 .378 after flare removed My chrono results: 976 958 957 953 956 Avg: 960 ES: 23 SD: 9
  9. I reload 6.5 for Bolt action rifles and I always purchase Redding Dies. I'm using the Type-S dies.
  10. I would of been happy if you stopped me if I did that. I'd rather not get hurt.
  11. Ballistic AE and a Kestrel 4000 or 4500 in order to get DA. The reason I stress DA is because you're not going to have a weather station out in the middle of nowhere. If you use the Kestrel's (corrected) Barometric Pressure in your Ballistic Calc, you will need to correct the Kestrel before going out. Plus you may not have the same conditions where you're going (now you've added data from the location you came from). In order to correct it where you plan on shooting, you will need to know your current elevation (in order to get the corrected Baro Press and data). By using station pressure on the Kestrel, you'll get the correct DA no matter where you're at. Your DOPE will change a bit when you have at least a 5000' DA change. Also, Ballistic AE has the Litz library, uses the JBM calculator, and you can true your DOPE if you need to.
  12. 62 gr Armscor Bullet with 25.5 gr of CFE223
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