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  1. I have been shooting the Sig for about a year now and this has just started happening. I thought it might be my grip also, but when I tested the loads, I made sure I wasnt contacting the slide lock and it still didnt lock back on the load with 4.2 gr. The pistol was purchased in 1984 and was shot very little until I started to compete in the local IDPA matches about a year ago. I am using the Mecgar mags, so I don't think it is the mag spring or follower since it has happened with more than one mag. Is there any internal springs which could be the problem? Thanks
  2. I have just started competing in IDPA and have a question about some loads. I have a Sig P226 and am shooting 125 gr berrys plated bullets. I was using Unique but have decided to switch to Titegroup because I didnt like the way Unique measured in my LNL. I had some problems during my last match with the slide not locking back on empty so I decided to test two different loads on the titegroup to see what they would do. I loaded up two @ 4.2 gr and two @ 4.3 gr. at a COAL of 1.140 to 1.150. The two @ 4.2 gr would not lock the slide back on empty but the 4.3 gr did. But looking at the load data from the Hodgdon website the max load is 4.4 gr with a 125 gr FMJ and I know a lot of people load titegroup at 4.1 and 4.0 and do not have any problems. Any suggestions or comments? BTW, I greased the rails ang cleaned the pistol before my last match where I had the problems. Thanks
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