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  1. Awesome thats what I want to hear. will post a build thread as I go along, its gonna be a clean piece of gear in the end
  2. Just got myself a cheely offset mount for a new build I am doing. Not going to lie I never really gave the offset much thought. So I am looking to those who have one for some comments on how you find it? Is it vastly different to a standard upright c more? Thanks in advance guys
  3. Ill be at Vic titles, Nsw titles and Sa titles.
  4. Oh sweet, shoot mainly victoria, but around the country a bit as well.
  5. Hey mate, welcome to the forums. I am also from australia, where are you located?
  6. great looking tanfo Kyal. I do like the clean look you get without a right side safety too. I'm curious about the comp as well. does it have the extra hole in the top as well (in the middle)? I know eric graufel said he used to run with the holes in the side but couldn't notice any difference with or without them, but I've often thought about trying it for myself. I also prefer the single sided safety, it does indeed have an extra hole in the top of the comp
  7. Correct, compensator is actually polished but like I said it is dirty so it only looks shiny It is an orignal v8, however I am currently in the process of swaping out parts with a lot of henning gear.
  8. Sure is, that is how it came when I purchased it and in all honesty it really doesnt make much difference vs a standard comp.
  9. Thought Id join the part with a fresh new look. Sorry it isnt clean, just got back from the range when the photo was taken.
  10. Was actually going to order that this week
  11. Firstly, I'm a 15 year old junior shooter from Australia, love the sport more than anything, so much that I dropped everything else I was doing this year to focus on the sport. Over the year I have seen a large improvement in my own abilities, going from shooting 50% up to 89% at a recent selection match. But I have come to a problem with my consistency. I have found in recent matches that I am not trusting my abilities and second guessing myself. As I result I am making stupid mistakes in stages, such as not trusting myself to call shots on targets, or over thinking stage craft. During dry fire or practice I generally shoot to my full potential because my conscious mind is trusting my abilities, but I just can't get into the same mentality at matches. Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice? Thanks in advance -Kyal
  12. My eg blacks on my gold custom. Super grippy, narrow grips. Just what i was looking for.
  13. You till have to use above average powder in the 38 gold custom, its just the way it is. Also they are extremely loud
  14. Ive had experience with both but it was too long ago, Ill give you some pro's and con's so you can decide My Tanfoglio Eric Gold Custom v8 -Longer, More leverage to hold the muzzle down -More ported area -Side ports -Heavier front end Eric v12 - Shorter and lighter, Most likely tracks a bit better. - Snappy recoil - Lug shaving problem - More popple holes but less compensator ports, from looking i think it would work out to be less totally porting space then the v8
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