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  1. Aggie

    Beretta 92FS Rear Sight Opinions

    Thanks for the update.
  2. Aggie

    Beretta 92FS Rear Sight Opinions

    Less, any updates you could share on the progress of this sight? Thanks
  3. Aggie

    Stock II slide fit & markings

    I have to Stock 2s and one is flush and on the other the slide sticks out considerably more than yours does. Both perform flawlessly. Cosmetic anomalies are common with these guns. Shoot and enjoy!
  4. Aggie

    production rig

    I like the DAA, but any one of the belts recommended will get the job done. I used to run the Ghost pouches but they were a bit bulky so I now use RLN Custom adjustable sidewinder pouches. They're kydex and don't dig into your side at all like the Ghost pouches can do. That's more of a girth issue, though.
  5. Aggie

    Question for the Stock 2 guys...

    I handled one but never considered getting anything other than the 2.
  6. Aggie

    Question for the Stock 2 guys...

    I chose a Stock 2 because I liked the looks and balance of it better than the Stock 3. The cone barrel was also a selling point for me.
  7. Aggie

    LOK Grips for EAA

    + 1 on a palm swell set Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Aggie

    Stock 3. 2 piece sear question

    Almost recommended some duct tape lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Aggie

    Stock 3. 2 piece sear question

    That leg on the spring should tuck back into crevice the spring sits in. Not sure how to explain it any better.
  10. I shot a used Stock II at nationals without concern. These guns are solid.
  11. Aggie


    It's pretty useless, I'm not even on there. lol
  12. Aggie

    Lightest 147gr/N320 load?

    I tried 3.0 grains with coated bullets. Worked fine.
  13. Aggie

    Tango Stock 2 REVIEW!

    johnbu, even when we could get off roster guns the pricing was outrageous. The laws for buying guns are going to get worse.
  14. Aggie

    LOK CZ Grips for Magwell

    Someone is always willing buy used grips on this forum.
  15. Aggie

    Blue Bullets and CZ AccuShadows

    I've never used Acme bullets before but at that price I might give them a try.