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  1. Forgot to update this. Nothing really to update. I was waiting on them to send me the "call tags" to send the remainder of the ammo back, but they had attached them to an email. Just sent them back. I did keep one of the damaged ones and one that had the black line through it. My gun is fine, took it apart, cleaned it up well and used it last weekend with my new Rudy Project glasses. I should get the bill from the eye doctor this week and will forward that to them as they requested. I'll post up when I hear something back from them. So far they have admitted nothing, promised nothing...as expected. But they have asked all the questions and made all the comments someone in my place would want to hear. They have actually been good to work through it with.
  2. Not to disagree with you but I think it is all relevant to one's point of view. I have worn Smith Guides Choice glasses for fishing for years...those are like $180 and all they do is let me see the fish better. lol I only wound up paying $135 for these. And most of the guys on here spend more on a new part for their guns than I could ever afford on an entire gun. So I think it is more of a prioritizing thing than just overpriced. Good toys cost money. Some people "need" a special brand more than others, and some just like one better than the other....doesn't make one right and one wrong, just different.
  3. I got a set of the Rydon glasses with the impactx-2 photchromic clear to laser red (hdr) lenses. Have shot with them 2 times so far and absolutely love them. Thanks for all of the suggestions and thoughts folks.
  4. Winchester called me while ago. She listened to my story, is sending a box to send them what I have left of the brass/shells/box. Pleasant lady, asked about doctor bills, asked about the shape of my gun and whether it needed to be taken to a gun smith. I sent her the pictures that I have posted here as well as the lot number for the ammo in question. Just don't want it to happen to somebody else if they can learn something from what is left and either change something or recall if necessary. Back to the eye doctor this morning and all is healing well. Another few days of drops and then I can wear contacts and shoot again.
  5. That is how they are packed, could be it is from the cardboard... The box was, and still is, in good shape. No damage of any kind.
  6. That is what I thought. It doesn't rub one as I tried to rub it off on one of them just to see. If I was sorting my brass to load, I'd throw that one away.
  7. I have not heard back from Winchester yet, but did not expect to as I sent the email to them Friday afternoon. We will see if they contact me this next week. I went through that batch of brass. It was actually separate as that was the only 45 I shot that day. 3 magazines of 7. I have 20 of the brass, lost one. The heck of it was that another one of them looks almost the same. Primer still in it but it is split almost all the way to the rim of the casing. I have a picture of it below. Also is another picture of one that was not fired. I don't shoot enough factory ammo to know if this is normal or not. Take a look at the line/scar/whatever that runs up the case. Is that normal? After going through the rest of the box, there are about 8 of them that look like this...again, I have never paid attention the few times that I shoot factory to know if this is normal.
  8. Thank you very much..sent you another pm with question.
  9. I had not thought of that, but honestly that is what it sounds like. It is a Remington R1S. I have not shot it much, probably 1000 rounds and have not shot this particular one for about a year. I put about 30 through it yesterday and it was fine but then failed on the last magazine through that gun. If this is what it was, what would cause this? Bad magazine? Bad recoil spring? Something not put back together correctly? Never had a problem with this gun before. And I did not have time to take it apart tonight yet to check it.
  10. ANother question....I wear muffs, not plugs...do these fit under them well enough to be comfortable and also not break the seal?
  11. Thanks for the suggestions on places. I'll check them out this weekend and get some shortly. Just so I am sure...they have what appear to be the same glasses on a few sites that are 100 cheaper but it does not say impactx lens....The impactx is what I want, correct?
  12. I checked out Winchester's site, no phone number so I submitted an email to them with the general gist of the situation. We will see if they contact me. If not, I'll try again. The Sheriff is a friend of mine, he looked at the brass today and he has never seen one split that way either. I still can't figure out how the thing got out of the gun personally. And whoever said it above about I shouldn't have taken off my glasses...absolutely right. Admittedly, I don't always wear them but did until that last magazine yesterday. I will order a set of nice glasses and doubt seriously if I ever shoot without them again. Bullet dodged, and lesson learned. If I hear back from Winchester I will post up.
  13. After the Winchester explosion, I am considering getting a pair of Rudy Project Rydon glasses. I am assuming that a shooter would want the impactx or impactx2 lens, which doubles the price from what I can see. $275 https://www.e-rudy.com/en/products/detail/SN798842MR Am looking here. In researching on here it seems there are discount codes one can use? Or is there a better place to get them so not to drop that much? Thanks,
  14. Just got back from the eye doctor. One piece of metal that went into the eyeball, 4 or 5 pieces of "black flakes" (probably gun powder. The numbed it up and cleaned it all out. Drops for the weekend to heal it, then followup visit Monday. If it is healing well, they will put me on a steroid to minimize the scarring. Good thing was the piece of metal that was in there was off to the side of the eye. Off to research some good shooting glasses.
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