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  1. Bare Arms Indoor Range in Ashland has USPSA monthly on a Saturday night. The date varies but they always post it on practiscore and facebook. http://barearmsgunrange.com/our-shooting-competitions/
  2. Your engaging all 6 targets from both boxes. So most will probably take the full targets as the ones to take strong and weak hand only, not as hard as I thought it was when I first glanced at the stages.
  3. I have the same problem, when I can relax and shoot I do fine.That unfortunately does not happen very often. I have a bad habit of putting expectations on myself and when I do the wheels fall off every time. I have read several of the books recommended, but can't seem to put the advise into practice. Still working at it.
  4. Same here, glad to see it's not just me. I am sure they just haven't had a chance to sort them yet.
  5. Yes, V8 model. Still breaking it in but so far it's awesome.
  6. Subscribed, I just got one myself and was wondering the same thing. I did run about 300 rounds of federal ammo thru mine last weekend without a single malfunction. Not sure on a load for it yet though.
  7. Personal best is a 2.78, and that is more of a luck run. Average is right around 3.
  8. 100 yards, doing load devlepment on the open gun and shot at a shilotte target at the hundred yard line. Not good grouping by any means but every shot was a hit.
  9. sarge450

    Blake Drill.

    Great Drill, I have gotten below 2 seconds on it but not consistently yet. (Can't do it cold)
  10. Thanks, I am very happy with it.
  11. New open gun, 38 sc. Loving it so far.
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