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  1. Ordered last week on Friday with several items of various sizes (chrono - ultrasonic cleaner - etc) and DUT still works. Cant beat brownells no hassle guarantee.
  2. Indeed I niticed many new Florida members while scanning the "introduce yourself" topic.
  3. Already I feel like part of the family! Jack is making sure I get enough sleep. Actually our first event was sanctioned by the SFPC (first Sunday event) and I learned about the website when a friend told me I could see my results there. Our group had our instructor and a few friends (one a jr shooter) which helped break the ice. Actually everyone was very helpful and polite. I am in S. Miami so we cant make it all the time but I will try to make it there regularly. We got there early and helped setup and then picked up brass at the end. Good bunch of people overall there. Thanks for the links
  4. Greetings all After several months of lurking err i mean reading through these pages i figured it was time to actually join and maybe one day even contribute. I made my decision to purchase a 650 press due in large portion to the posts you, the members, have submitted including Brian's dillon site. I am a tinkerer at heart and have really enjoyed setting up the press (and using this new hobby as an excuse to reorganize my garage bench). I am finding it very difficult to purchase components but a friend donated enough to at least run 200rnds through and i enjoyed creating my first rounds. I chose to begin reloading because my wife and myself decided to take classes with a local instructor/shooter and she was very helpful in getting my wifes foot in the door and also pointing out the many bad habbits i had created through years of untrained occasional shooting. After our first few hours of work with our instructor,she had us shoot a local steel match, Well thats all it took, and now were hooked!! We now shoot almost every mondays (24/48 hr shift permitting) at our local range for "ladies night" (im always trying to save a buck) and I figure i will try to increase my skill with whatever means i can including whats found within these pages. (Was just reading someones dry firing training tips before posting). I would like to end in saying thanks to you the members and to the moderators who keep it running smooth!! I know that it takes time to post (and moderate) in forums and that most if not all of you have jobs families and lives. I want all of you to know that all your posts and information that you take time to input is definately greatly appreciated, and it really helps out newb shooters and reloaders like myself. Thanks! Henry
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