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  1. I've shot the va state several times there is no shade so bring sunscreen and maybe sunshade there is lots of water available and the big hill sucks but its a well run match
  2. mmauk

    Moonclip holders

    North mountain for me uspsa and idpa he's holders work great especially on table starts with ammo on table
  3. As for as gun I'm no mike carmoney but I polished trigger, hammer, rebound spring,etc.I followed jerry video As for ammo use federal primers I hand primer my brass to .008" at .010" seems to work for me. I cut my hammer to forgot that my trigger runs around 6.5# Hope this helps
  4. With a big asterisk next to her revolver championship.
  5. I think you can adjust a race holster to your style of draw is were you pick up a lot if speed no unnecessary movement
  6. From the looks of the idpa rule book you have to be in bomb shelter to reload but I don't shoot idpa nationals so I guess I'll kept my cut off hammer at uspsa
  7. My stock front gold bead was .250 I put a sdm on it like it a lot have to measure my rear sight but it is stock also
  8. Shoot a match like that to I shot revolver we started normal every one else has to clear the double feed
  9. I have a 625-8 what is that cylinder measurement should be that's good advice what I've heard so far
  10. I like to but I've not shoot any level 2 mstches just local uspsa.any tips you can give would will be very helpful
  11. I put sdm on front stock rear I just filed the notch wider I have dawson sights on my glocks like them a lot dawson sights are .40 fiber and sdm is .60 I like sdm my eye sight is not good so I can see sdm well
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