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  1. Thank you very much for the answers and perspectives shared on my earlier questions. It is extremely helpful and I appreciate it very much. I plan on finalizing my orders with Wiland and KIDD tomorrow and am looking forward to participating in more steel challenge matches this year. From the information shared I am certain the feeding issues I’ve been experiencing during the longer range matches are all Force ammo related and therefore an easy fix. Also, I was not planning on using expensive ammo for the Steel challenge matches and were thinking about alternatives and your comme
  2. I little off topic but somewhat relevant. I went to the range on Sunday to test a couple different ammo options to see what my KIDD prefers. I am using the standard KIDD recoil spring and usually shoot Eley force in long range matches. I was curious to see whether there would be a significant difference in accuracy between different ammo for my barrel. It was an interesting experiment but the key as it relates to this topic is that I could definitely feel a significant difference in the action/bolt movement when I was shooting the force rounds. They are definitely much hotter than the othe
  3. Great, thank you very much for the details. Definitely not too much verbiage and very relevant! Someone else mentioned it earlier in the thread, but if you have access to compressed air it makes it really easy to slip those foam tubes over the handguard. For the clamp on shoulder piece, you could probably use another piece of the original buffer tube that was cut for the front mount if you still have it? Or maybe cut a shim from a piece of stainless steel sheeting.
  4. Looks really nice @Hoops How does it compare to the homemade version? I actually have the “no-snag” version in the cart ready to check out but have been mulling over which one to get. Now that you have the adjustable cheek riser, would you buy it again over the chubby? You mentioned that you decided to install the 10% reduction guiderod spring. Any specific reason for this and what is your experience with it? I have been thinking about trying it out but every once in a while the regular strength version feels like it is hanging up a bit when I manually charge it on a
  5. Thank you very much for the detailed comparison of the three @Hoops and thank you also @zzt and @jrdoran the additional context definitely helps. I am going to search for the Wiland chassis topic now. I really like the idea of using the talon grip tape in the rear and am going to play with that a little bit when I put the new gun together. I totally agree regarding the quality of kIDD products. Amongst others, I have a supergrade that I built into a precision rifle and I love it. My 22lr experience mostly centers around longer range PRS, NRL22 and benchrest type shooting and the S
  6. Very interesting and timely thread with great information. Personally I am very happy Hoops was able to shoot both rifles in the match and is able to provide relevant back-to-back feedback. Both of these are currently on my short list for my next build. I am thinking of the TACCOM as well but somehow the idea of the delrin makes me wonder, only because I havent seen one in person yet. @Hoops I realize you still need more trigger time (especially under a timer) behind the Wiland and the KIDD, but just based on you experience with it thus far, the install in the Wiland chassis regardi
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