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  1. So being new to my Dillon 550B and only having loaded about 1000rds on it. Why aren't yall using the included completed bullet shoot that comes with the press? I've only had 1 out of 1000 rounds hop out of the chute.
  2. That's good to hear that the CFE pistol will work if needed.
  3. Sounds like titegroup is the consensus of the group. I will pick some up and give it a shot. Gonna try the CFE pistol as well to compare, love the way it meters through my 550B
  4. I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't very clear. I'm switching bullets to save the money. Just looking for powder suggestions. Thanks
  5. I would pick it up here in the classifieds. Ive used it multiple times with great success
  6. Going to be purchasing 9mm 115gr RN coated acme bullets for the first time and I was curious what powder yall have been using for them? I've been using CFE pistol on plated projo's for a while but I'm trying to get my cost per round down. Suggestions?
  7. Well once I got all my parts in front of me the inline fabrication ultramount comes with an extra tab that you can mount the original chute on. So, false alarm I guess. Thanks for the help guys
  8. Hmmm... you would have thought there would be a part you could buy to use with the mount. I saw one made out of pvc also. May have to get it all together and go the homemade route as well.
  9. Okay so I just got a new 550 and I'm mounting it on an inline fabrication ultramount (similar to Dillons strongmount) obviously the included finished bullet chute won't work with this system. What are you guys doing about this part? Thanks for helping a Dillon noon out.
  10. welcome! you will learn a ton!
  11. Yup, its on the strelok pro app for sure
  12. Coming from PRS I am well versed in the application of the long range shot and how to set myself up for its success. It's really the close range, high speed stuff that gives me the most trouble as its something I've never really practiced a lot.
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