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  1. I'd like to know if the Burris is daytime visible too. Another interesting scope might be the Vortex Viper PST 1-4x24...
  2. Hi all. I'm in the process of getting a decent scope for IPSC rifle shooting for my JP-15. My budget is somewhat limited. I'm able to spend about $600. The optics on my list so far is: Burris XTR 1-4x24 Leupold VX3 1,5-5x20 Weaver Classic Extreme 1-4,5x24 The Weaver and the Leupold have the illuminated german 4 recicle and Burris has a illuminated 5.56 BDC recticle of some sort. Will be shooting out to about 350 yards/300 meters. Any comments or recommendations? I kinda like the Burris but I am uncertain of their quality and if the recicle will be to bulky at 300 meter plates/poppers. Thanks Fredrik
  3. yes, ACOGs are nice, but where I live they are like 2000$ while the weaver are 400$ so thats not really an option...
  4. Hi! I'm just getting My first ar, an STI sporting rifle competition model. I would like to have your input on sight set up. I'm mostly going to shoot IPSC open division With It and need à scope. My budget says to get a weaver v3 1-3x20 as à primary. But how Will the low 3x work at 3-400 meters? Will it be enough? Also thinking about getting a red dot c-more or something for close range. Any input or ideas?
  5. Hi! Sometimes when I try to speed up to shoot an easy stage really fast I tense up and start to get triggerfreezes. So instead of having .15-.20 splits I get .40-.70 splits or even jerk the trigger. Does anyone know of some training technique to remove the problem? Or is there some other solution? I try to relax and not strangle my gun to death while shooting... Thanx.
  6. Excuse the extremly poor picture quality here... My slide looks like this: After some more research i found out that it was the primer housing that caused me problems. If you take a look at the highlighted areas in the picture below you'll see that the rubbing of the slide has crated two "spots" in the primer housing. After some carefull grinding with a fine stone over the spots the slide moves easy again. It seems that the housing was "swollen" at the inside where the bolt holes are. Anyway, it works fine now. I'm happy again.
  7. Hi all. I have a RL550 wich has worked great for a couple of years but now I'm having some problems with the primerslide. When it's supposed to go forward with the new primer it gets stuck about a 1/3 inch from "battery". I have cleaned everything, even tried lubricating with graphite and oil without success. I even tried polishing the the slide, but no... nothing works. Any tips or ideas?
  8. Ok! Thanx Even! Yes thets right, Patriks "old" SVI. See you at Cops Cup.
  9. Should i file the inside of the detent or the outside? /Fredrik
  10. But I want an abi one... I like to let my thumb ride on top of the safety while shooting.
  11. Hi! I own a SV Infinity in caliber .40S&W. The ambidextrous thumb safety has a tendency to part, especially when shooting left hand. The two halves “slides apart” and the little spring and rod for the safety comes loose. No problems while shooting right hand. Any tips on how to make them fit tighter together?
  12. Fredrik Wildemo & Patrik Svedlund from SWEDEN Shooting Limited on Friday.
  13. There is some vids over at Wildemo.se. Swedish page but just follow the links.
  14. There's some .wmv clips of Swedish and Danish level I-III matches over at Wildemo.se. Page is in Swedish but just follow the links...
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