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  1. Hey Grant! Very interesting observation that the number of 1920s dropped along with the decline in revolver shooters. I think you are onto something! Revolvers dominated before the shroud for semi-autos was developed. Maybe, one of these days, I will devote as much time practicing with my revolver as I once did... LOL
  2. Registration for the 2018 Midsouth Shooters Crawfish Cup Action Pistol Regional Championship is open! The two-day event will be held on April 27 & 28, just three weeks before the World Action Pistol Championship and four weeks prior to the Bianchi Cup. Come shoot with the best and enjoy some great Cajun food and hospitality! Contact George@swlarifleandpistol.club for more information. 2018 Crawfish Cup program.NRA.10.29.2017.pdf Entry Form_Crawfish Cup_2018.pdf
  3. Let's do that, Kyle. I responded before I knew it was you. I should be able to help you get set up with either one, two or four motors. Our overhead mover was very reliable for over twenty years. We even had a wireless remote control.
  4. When I assembled our four-rail Track Mover, all I could think of was how glad I was I didn't try to figure all the details out through trial and error! It is worth every penny!
  5. Our old overhead mover could be for sale. we upgraded to a four-rail Track Mover from Secure Firearm Products. Our overhead was set up with timers and could be operated by the shooter. Are you coming to the Crawfish Cup?
  6. We have 91 competitors in the Championship match and another 29 shooting the Aggregate Match. Still plenty of room.
  7. The 2017 Midsouth Shooters Crawfish Cup NRA Action Pistol Regional keeps growing! This year, it will be a two-day match held on Friday and Saturday, April 21 and 22 near Lake Charles, Louisiana, culminating with an on-site crawfish boil Saturday evening! The Southwest Louisiana Rifle and Pistol Club has been busy making range improvements and planning. We have purchased a second track mover that is presently being permanently installed, giving us two track movers for the Moving Target Event. Our range capacity is now increased to 160 guns, including the guns in the two-gun aggregate match. Midsouth Shooters Supply is once again our title sponsor and they have been terrific! They will again be broadcasting live updates from the range via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. New this year is the ability to register for the match using www.matchsignup.org. Look for the Crawfish Cup logos. There are separate logos for the Championship match, the Aggregate Match and competitors volunteering to work as Range Staff. This was the best solution we could find for processing the different fees involved. You can also pay your entry fees via PayPal when using matchsignup.org or when submitting the entry form by email or USPS using the email address george@swlarifleandpistol.club. Check out the official website www.crawfishcup.com and email george@swlarifleandpistol.club for more information. Come pass a good time with us and warm up for the Bianchi Cup! 2017 Crawfish Cup program_final_revised 12.29.2016.pdf Entry Form_Crawfish Cup_2017.pdf
  8. Yes, Seiichi, you need to register your personal property, such as firearms, expensive watches, cameras, etc. to ensure you aren't charged duty on anything you owned prior to leaving.at U.S. Customs The slip of paper you get does not expire, so once you have registered those particular guns, you do not have to obtain another registration form the next time you travel Internationally with those particular firearms. The form is CBP Form 4457. https://www.cbp.gov/sites/default/files/documents/CBP Form 4457_0.pdf
  9. Here are a couple of more matches prior to the Crawfish Cup on April 22-23: Feb. 20: Lake Charles, LA Monthly AP match March 19: Lake Charles, LA Monthly AP match
  10. Yes, you can show up on Saturday morning and shoot as long as you have entered by the deadline. We try to be as accommodating as possible.
  11. Attached is the information packet with entry form. 2016 Midsouth Shooters Crawfish Cup Packet.pdf
  12. Exciting developments are in store for the 2016 Crawfish Cup, including a Title Sponsor, Midsouth Shooters Supply!
  13. Exciting developments for the 2016 Crawfish Cup. Midsouth Shooters Supply approached us about becoming our Title Sponsor and we accepted! We have increased our range capacity, made other range improvements and are looking forward to a bigger and better match! Come tune up for Bianchi and enjoy some Louisiana hospitality! 2016 Midsouth Shooters Crawfish Cup Packet.pdf
  14. I am in the process of posting the Crawfish Cup info now. See the attached packet. George 2016 Midsouth Shooters Crawfish Cup Packet.pdf
  15. The best way to resolve the question is to email Damien at the NRA, who will check with referees about the issue of the legality of modifying the sight. I doubt it is allowed, but it shouldn't take long to get an answer.
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