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  1. The components you have will be fine for 9mm. WAC works better (and cleaner) at higher pressures/velocities in 9mm. Excellent accuracy. I prefer 124/5 with it vs 115, but you will be good with what you have. There is a lot of data in this forum. Also look for CFE-P data, which is all but identical in 9mm minor.
  2. OP - I recommend that you start with the Dillon dies, assuming you already have them. Many reloaders, myself included, have loaded 10s of thousands of 9mm major rounds with Dillon dies with excellent results. The same can be said of Lee U-dies. Reloaders can be finicky and particular about, well, everything. That's not a bad thing. Try what you have in the gun(s) you are shooting. If you then want to make a change you have a basis for comparison. I tried the U-die and noticed no difference in ammo performance. I tried the FCD, and had a bit of trouble while using it with coated bullets. No issues with JHP. So, your particulars matter a lot: Barrel/chamber, ammo components, etc.
  3. Interesting theories. I have never seen a TC bullet with such a large boat tail. I am not that familiar with sabot rounds for black powder, but a search doesn't show anything similar...
  4. I found this at the range and it is not familiar to me. Does it look familiar to any of you? It's .355"-ish, 123 gr. It was in the sand on the ground - who knows for how long. It does not look like any frangible projectile I'm familiar with.
  5. What is the hardness of the DG and Bayou bullets? Just wondering... I've shot 100k+ of the Bayou's over the years with very good results.
  6. Making the load shorter is the last thing I would try, assuming you determined your OAL from your chamber. I've found that my accuracy with CFE-P increases as charge increases, up to 5.0. I've shot up to 5.3g with no pressure signs and increasing velocity. This is with the SNS and the longer OAL.
  7. I've shot about 7k with CFE-P at 5.0g and 1.130". Good accuracy from G19 factory barrel and Bar-sto barrel, and a CZ P10c. As good as the Bayou 124 TC. The red coating SNS uses seems harder than some other colors Of Hi-tek I've had. Also, the combo leaves the bore very clean. 1069fps Bar-sto
  8. I realize you've solved your problem, which is good. But, what prompted your switch to the U die?
  9. mq105


    I've used CSB-1 for about 3k rounds thus far in 9mm and like the powder. I am now testing some CSB-1M. It has smaller flakes and is (I believe) slightly faster than CSB-1. The CSB-1M is similar to -1 in that it meters well, has low smoke, and is relatively clean. The density is higher so it doesn't fill the case quite as much as CSB-1. It is as accurate as CSB-1 in my tests with 124 Bayou TC and 125 SNS RN bullets. Here is some data: Glock 19, 75deg, sunny, mixed cases, CCI SPP, Bayou 124 TC @ 1.085", Pro Chrono @ 10', 10-shot strings. These are "production" loads out of my Dillon 650. I did not weigh each charge. 4.4g Avg 1108, ES 30, SD 10 4.4g Avg 1101, ES 29, SD 9 4.3g Avg 1087, ES 27, SD 9 4.3g Avg 1090, ES 22, SD 7 4.3g Avg 1086, ES 27, SD 7
  10. Nice solution. Does that totally take care of it or do you get an occasional Jam?? depending on speed of the shell plate? Nice plastic work BTW! That is how my 650 came from Dillon in 1993. It looks like they have changed the shape of the funnel from rectangular to more round, and the insert for small cases looks different as well. The case feeder itself is also different, with a metal piece as part of the side wall. I never have a jam unless I get a case of different caliber than I'm loading mixed in.
  11. One or more of the parts have evidently been changed over time. This is what my 650 case feed looks like. (circa 1994)
  12. mq105

    9mm S&B

    9x18 is Makarov. .380 is 9x17.
  13. mq105


    From the Western Powders edition 5.0 pg 5.
  14. mq105


    AA#2 is slower than WST, which works fairly well with 9mm. Although I've never used it, I'd think #2 would be fine for minor loads.
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