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  1. Magazines sure look like small frame but wait until someone with more experience chimes in.
  2. He said he removed the FPB already and didn't make a difference, and went back and forth between stock FP and aftermarket. I still would pull your pin again and remove your spring and see if the pin freely falls through the pin hole in the frame, also is this a new gun? older gun? was is shooting normal before mods? What mods did you do when it changed and won't light off the win primers. I'm running a small frame bone stock with a full polish job and a PD 15.5 hammer spring is my only mod and it kicks off CCI primers DA with no problems, something is seriously wrong with your set up. Is your hammer spring color pink?
  3. I am wondering if the pin is striking an obstruction or burr in the fire pin channel?
  4. Yes, thanks so much for the info. I did round 2 of my trigger job, (thanks for the videos, helped a lot!). Also put the PD 15.5 spring in, ran 100 rounds with CCI primers DA. Every round went bang and they had a nice deep dimple from the firing pin strike. The trigger pull is now amazing for just a spring swap and a few hour polish job. Thank you so much again for the work on the videos and thank you to PD for the excellent barrel ream service and spring.
  5. Interesting read on the net shows Remington 1 1/2 small pistol primers are very soft but are too soft for high intensity loads like major power factor. You may want to research that as well.
  6. I thought the CZ grips will not fit the Tanfoglio's due to screw hole not being in the same spot on the small frame tanfog vs. CZ
  7. That is smoking fast for that charge weight of 4.8 HP38/WIN231with 1.12 OAL hornady shows that charge with 1.07 OAL with 115xtp at 1100fps...
  8. I don't see why you would have to be rushing to first charge the weapon. On reloads most of my guns the slide automatically closes when you drive a magazine home with some force if that doesn't work I use the slide release. Its much faster then transitioning from mag to slide to slingshot charge the gun.
  9. Gezz, this thread is getting into a pissing match! This guy just needs help with his issues. Just don't get that cleaning mixture on your skin to be safe... Im headed to get the popcorn to watch the end of this one lol.
  10. Did you hit one of the bullets with a hammer (bullet only! NOT a loaded round LoL) to see if the coating flaked off or does it stay on the lead? Also were the rounds accurate or did you have off POA/POI problems with keyholes.
  11. Even though they are coated we should go back to basics with this issue. First do a smash test and see if the coating is flaking off or is sticking as it should. What did your barrel slug at? What size bullets did you order and what size are they measuring at? If they are running small they can still flame cut and cause lead especially with some powders vs. others. Your bullets should be at least .001 larger then the bore size from your slug test. I run. 002 larger with a.357 sized bullet for 9mm. Missouri will work with you on your size if you need it. Did you change powders from 124 vs. 147?
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