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  1. Is there any requirement for a single stack holster to cover the ejection port? Is the one shown legal? Frank
  2. Is this from personal experience with them or just a general philosophy?
  3. Has anyone ordered 45 ACP (major) from here - http://www.universalammo.com/ Do you know what power factor they are? I was hoping they were loaded down from regular factor loads and only hit 170 pf or so. I tried emailing but got no response. Frank
  4. I see many single stack guns with a front fiber optic, but none on rear sight. Is that legal? Frank
  5. Did the slide come back and hit his hand after it fired?
  6. Hey I like the pictures as much as anyone, but clear that weapon!
  7. MidwayUSA had WW LP primers in stock today for about 25 minutes. I got my notification and ordered some fast. Went back and checked again, they were all out. Frank
  8. You hit the nail on the head Frank; I guarantee that if you HADN'T had the internet videos to reference you would STILL be cussing that press. It's Lee's fault, the included directions are poorly written and scarce. If Lee took the time to properly document the setup procedure and had decent clear pictures I might have kept my 2 Loadmaster presses. As it is, I have 3 Lee presses and a Dillon 650 for my loading station, and not a one of the Lee's are progressive. You are absolutely right about that. I had a Pro 1000 before there was YouTube. It took me some time to get it to run and I always had to mess with it. Still cranked out ammo, just not very fast. Eventually I started shooting rifle and switched to a single stage harrell for precision ammo. Went back to pistol recently and got a loadmaster. Watched the videos first. I can't believe the difference it makes. The little adjustments I didn't know about that make the press run smooth. Frank
  9. I have a lee loadmaster, once I followed the videos online to set it up and tune it, It ran great. I even use the bullet feeder. I can't imagine spending twice as much for a dillon. Frank
  10. I have a loadmaster and I reload 45 ACP. Now maybe it's different because I'm using large primers, but I never have a problem with priming. I also use the bullet feeder. I can do a full run of 100 before having to stop and add more shells and bullets. That's about as many as my arm can take at once, plus it fills up my loaded round catcher. It's true, you need to take some time to get it setup correctly. This can drive you a little nutty, but once you get it and understand where the adjustments are, it runs like a champ. I would never spent twice as much to get a dillon. Frank
  11. The LED light by www.InLineFrabrication.com is perfect for lighting up the shells so you can see the powder power the pullet is seated. I also much prefer there loader handle.
  12. I prefer the heavy and slow approach. 3.4g, 250 gr. LRN-FP 700 fps makes major.
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